Why Peanut Butter and Jelly is the Best Sandwich

Is there anything better than a PB&J sandwich? Creamy peanut butter and sweet, sticky jelly on fresh bread is pretty much the perfect food. In fact, some people say that it’s the best sandwich ever invented. Here’s why peanut butter and jelly is the best sandwich.

For one thing, it’s easy to make. You don’t have to be a master chef to put together a PB&J. All you need is some bread and a couple of common pantry ingredients. Peanut butter and jelly is also portable, so it’s great for taking on the go. And it’s affordable too – a PB&J is a lot cheaper than buying lunch at a restaurant.


But the best thing about PB&J sandwiches is the taste. The combination of creamy peanut butter and sweet jelly is irresistible. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also pretty versatile. You can experiment with different types of bread, peanut butter, and jelly to find your perfect combination.

So there you have it – why peanut butter and jelly is the best sandwich. It’s easy to make, affordable, and most importantly, delicious! So next time you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal, reach for a PB&J.

What is More Important Peanut Butter or Jelly?

For many people, the debate of whether peanut butter or jelly is more important to a PB&J sandwich is a heated one. Both ingredients are essential to the sandwich, but which one is more important? Here’s a look at the argument for both sides.

Some people say that peanut butter is the most important ingredient in a PB&J. After all, without peanut butter, you just have jelly on bread – and that’s not nearly as delicious. Peanut butter adds protein and a rich, nutty flavor to the sandwich. Plus, it’s the perfect complement to sweet jelly.

Others argue that jelly is the most important ingredient in a PB&J. Jelly is what makes the sandwich sweet and sticky. And without jelly, a PB&J just isn’t the same.

So which is more important – peanut butter or jelly? The answer is up to you. Both ingredients are essential to a PB&J sandwich, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. So next time you make a PB&J, be sure to use plenty of both peanut butter and jelly!

Are Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Good for Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you might be wondering if PB&J sandwiches are a good option. After all, they’re pretty high in calories. A typical PB&J sandwich has about 250 calories, which is more than a lot of other sandwiches.

So are PB&J sandwiches bad for weight loss? The answer is not necessarily. While PB&J sandwiches are high in calories, they’re also filling and packed with nutrients. Peanut butter, for example, is a good source of protein and healthy fats. And jelly is made from fruit, so it’s a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.

So if you’re looking for a weight-loss-friendly sandwich option, a PB&J might not be the worst choice, but they’re certainly not the best choice either. Just be sure to watch your portion size and choose a low-calorie bread.

Is a PB&J Sandwich Good for Breakfast?

Well heck yeah! A PB&J sandwich is a great option for breakfast. It’s quick, easy, and portable – perfect for those mornings when you’re in a rush. It’s a much better option than some of the sugar-filled cereals and breakfast bars.

A PB&J sandwich is a good source of protein, which is essential for breakfast. Protein helps to keep you full and provides energy for the day ahead. Peanut butter is a particularly good source of protein. And jelly is made from fruit, so it’s a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.

So if you’re looking for a quick and healthy breakfast option, a PB&J sandwich is a great choice. Just be sure to choose a low-calorie bread and watch your portion size.


In closing, PB&J sandwiches are the best because they’re easy to make, affordable, and delicious. Plus, they’re pretty versatile – you can experiment with different types of bread, peanut butter, and jelly to find your perfect combination. So next time you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal, reach for a PB&J!

What Jam Goes Best with Peanut Butter?

So, what jam goes best with peanut butter? Grape jam, obviously. You strawberry and blueberry truthers can argue all you want, but deep down you know grape is the answer. But if you’re looking for something different, try strawberry or blueberry or blackberry jam. They all go great with peanut butter!

Peanut butter and grape jam

Chunky or Smooth Peanut Butter?

It’s gotta be smooth. And this is coming from someone who is a long-time chunky peanut butter backer. There’s something about that white bread with smooth peanut butter and grape jam in the middle. The perfect thing to get me from lunch to dinner. Or the perfect thing to get me from dinner to bedtime. They also work for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Basically, I’ll have a peanut butter and grape jam sandwich anytime.

What Goes Well with Peanut Butter on Toast?

See, this is where I like to switch it up. I like just peanut butter on my toast. I also like just jam on my toast. But sometimes I’ll mix it up and go for peanut butter and grape jam on my toast in the mornings.

Breakfast time is also a good time to experiment with the strawberry preserves on toast. It’s undeniable that’s great stuff. I also like butter and grape jelly on toast in the morning. Give it a shot, you might be surprised!

Best Bread for Peanut Butter and Jam?

This is a tough one. I’ve had great luck with the classic white bread, but whole wheat can be good too. But that was only when my significant other was forcing it on me. If I have it my way I’m going for straight white Wonderbread. It’s as simple as that.

But if you’re looking for something a little different, try a baguette or ciabatta bread. They make for a great PB&J sandwich! Great chance to switch it up. Get that crunch going on your sandwich.

What Goes Great With a Peanut Butter and Grape Jam Sandwich?

For me, as an adult, these sandwiches have mostly been a standalone item. It’s just a snack for me and I never have it with a side unless I’m grabbing a handful of chips while on my way to the couch to watch the game and devour my sandwich.

As far as side dishes that go with a PB&J, I’ll have to take it back to school lunch growing up. A banana was a great option along with most other fruit options. Then there’s always the move of adding something crunchy such as saltines or pretzels. Those are a great combination with the classic American sandwich.

What Soup Goes Well With a Peanut Butter and Grape Jam Sandwich?

This is a great question. I never would have thought to pair a PB&J with soup, but it makes perfect sense! Tomato soup could go great with a PB&J sandwich. But you know what? Tomato soup with a grilled cheese is a much, much better option. If you do figure out what soup goes great with a PB&J then let me know. I’m not opposed to giving it a shot.

Peanut Butter and Grape Jam Sandwich for Dinner

Anyone who does this on a regular basis, you’re my people. You’re not above having breakfast for dinner. Life is all about taking chances and thinking outside of the box and you’re doing just that.


What is your favorite jam to pair with peanut butter? Do you prefer chunky or smooth peanut butter? What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter and jelly toast? There’s no wrong answer! But odds are you’re probably very biased with your choice being the best.

Blimpie Subs Review – Yes, They Still Exist!

If you’ve read much here, you know I’m a Blimpie Subs fan so of course, I’m going to put out a Blimpie Subs review. This was at a location in Sterling, Virginia, which is a Blimpie location that no longer exists.

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What is in a Blimpie Best?


In this video, I’m right outside of DC at Blimpie Subs, who’s heard of Blimpies at this point? I hadn’t heard about it in years I don’t know where they are I don’t see them very much I feel like I might have seen one in southern West Virginia before.

You know I got the Blimpie Best. baby Got it the Blimpie Way. I didn’t want onions because onion, you know in my advanced age, I have a hard time with onions. But the lady decided you’re getting onion. My friend I’m with did not want mozzarella he was also shut out.

If we spoke Spanish we would have got what we wanted. Either way looks like a high-quality deli sandwich. Man, this looks good with freshly sliced meats. I mean this is for real. I’m excited they put it on a panini press, I didn’t know about that. You know, I didn’t want the onions but that said I got the real Blimpie way I got the full real deal fish scale flippy way I haven’t had one of these in a while without further ado let’s do this.

Pretty good!

it’s oil vinegar lettuce tomato onion that’s the Blimpie Way. It tastes kind of like the old-school fundraiser subs which oddly I really like.

They used to have these at go mart in the gas station this location was also in a gas station. They didn’t have the touchscreen so it’s like a free-for-all, you know. We’re all just boxing each other out. I posted someone up and called for my sub. I got it but man you know pretty good. I’m glad I did it usually when I’m in this area I’m Wawa or bust which you know I had to get Wawa, but this time I worked in a Blimpie sub. Glad I did it that’s it just gonna do a quick one like I said Blimpie’s. Has anyone had it out there has anyone actually had Blimpie’s? If so where are these things? Where are they? They’re laying kind of low these days but that’s it for today.

I’m Sean with food supremacy thanks for checking out my video.

What is in a Blimpie Best?

What do you get when you mix a submarine sandwich with a blimp? A Blimpie Best, of course! So what is in a Blimpie Best? This unique sandwich is made with slow-cured ham, salami, capicola, prosciutinni, and provolone. Have you ever had one? One thing is for sure: there’s nothing quite like a Blimpie Best!

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Blimpie Sub Sizes in Inches

Blimpie Subs – America’s Sub Shop

So what toppings do you get on a Blimpie Best? The obvious choice is to get it the Blimpie Way, of course.

Here’s a video of me enjoying a Blimpie Best the Blimpie Way!

What is the Blimpie Way?

The Blimpie Way is to get your sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, vinegar, oil and oregano. But of course, you can also get it with any other toppings you like. Of course, you can get your Blimpie Best however you want, but it’s called the Blimpie Way, right?

How Big is a Large Blimpie Sub?

A large Blimpie sub is 12 inches long, which is a foot. Why don’t they just call it a footlong? Your guess is as good as mine.

Blimpie vs Subway

Blimpie and Subway are two of the most popular sandwich shops out there. They both have their pros and cons, but which one is better? It really depends on what you’re looking for in a sandwich shop.

If you’re looking for a cheap meal, then Subway is the way to go. Their sandwiches are cheaper than Blimpie’s, and you can get a footlong for just $5.99.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, then Blimpie is the better choice. Their sandwiches have fewer calories and fat than Subway’s sandwiches.

So, which sandwich shop is better? It really depends on what you’re looking for. Personally, I’m a big fan of Blimpie Subs. Made it’s because there are less of them out there or maybe earlier in life I ate way too much Subway. Either way it’s Team Blimpie for me and there’s no way you are changing my mind.

How Many Blimpie Sub Shops Are Still Open?

Blimpie went bankrupt in 2004, but was bought out and is now owned by Kahala Brands. As of 2020 there were about 220 Blimpie locations in the United States.

If you’re ever in the mood for a delicious sandwich, be sure to check out a Blimpie sub shop! They have a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that you’ll love.


In closing, a Blimpie Best is a unique sandwich made with slow-cured ham, salami, capicola, prosciutinni, and provolone. It’s called the Blimpie Way if you get it with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, vinegar, oil and oregano. A large Blimpie sub is 12 inches long. Blimpie went bankrupt in 2004, but was bought out and is now owned by Kahala Brands. As of 2020 there were about 220 Blimpie locations in the United States.

If you’re ever in the mood for a delicious sandwich, be sure to check out a Blimpie sub shop! You won’t be disappointed.

Blimpie Sub Sizes in Inches

Have you ever wondered what other sizes Blimpie offers? Well, wonder no more! I’ve got the scoop on Blimpie sub sizes in inches. Keep reading to find out which size is best for you.

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Blimpie Sub Prices

What is in a Blimpie Best?

Blimpie Subs – America’s Sub Shop


Blimpie logo

The first size is the 6-inch sub. This one is called the “Regular” size at Blimpie Subs. This is the smallest size that Blimpie offers, and it’s perfect for a quick snack or if you’re not very hungry. It’s also a great option if you’re watching your calories.

If you’re looking for a heartier meal, go for the 12-inch sub, also known as “Large.” This size is packed with all of your favorite fillings, and it’s sure to leave you satisfied. If you’re feeding a crowd, the 12-inch sub is also a great option to share.

Then there is the kid’s menu sub, which is a 4-inch sub. Perhaps you can sneak one of these out as a snack between lunch and dinner even if you aren’t a kid. If you try that let me know how it works out.

What Happened to Blimpie’s Subs?

Blimpie subs

Blimpie’s Subs was a chain of submarine sandwich shops that was started in 1964. The first store was opened in Hoboken, New Jersey. The company eventually expanded to other states, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

In recent years, however, Blimpie’s Subs has been struggling. The company has closed several of its stores, and it is now only present in a handful of states. It remains to be seen whether Blimpie’s Subs will be able to make a comeback or if it will ultimately go out of business.

How Many Blimpie Locations Are There?

As of 2019, there are only about 200 Blimpie locations in the United States. This is a significant decline from previous years, when there were thousands of stores nationwide.

What’s the Future of Blimpie’s Subs?

It’s impossible to say what the future holds for Blimpie’s Subs. The company has been struggling in recent years, and it’s unclear whether it will be able to make a comeback. Only time will tell what will happen to this once-popular chain of sandwich shops.

Blimpie Subs vs Subway

Blimpie Subs and Subway are two of the most popular submarine sandwich chains in the United States. Both offer a variety of sub sandwiches, as well as salads and other side items.

So, which one is better? It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap meal, Subway is probably a better option. However, if you’re looking for a heartier sandwich with more filling, Blimpie Subs is the way to go.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which submarine sandwich chain is better. Try them both and see for yourself! Personally, I RIDE with Blimpie!


In closing, Blimpie Subs offers a variety of sub sizes to suit your needs. The 6-inch sub is perfect for a quick snack, while the 12-inch sub is ideal for a heartier meal. And if you’re feeding a crowd, the 12-inch sub is also a great option to share. So next time you’re looking for a submarine sandwich, be sure to keep Blimpie Subs in mind!

Blimpie Sub Prices – Updated 2022

Even though Blimpie Subs aren’t as prevalent across the country as they once were, I am still a big fan. What kind of value do you get when it comes to purchasing these subs? Let’s check out the latest Blimpie sub prices and find out.

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Blimpie Subs – America’s Sub Shop

Blimpie Sub Sizes in Inches

Blimpie logo

Deli Subs – All the Same Price

Blimpie best
Blimpie best
  • Blimpie Best
  • Turkey & Provolone Club
  • Ham & Swiss
  • Club
  • Ham, Salami & Cheese
  • Veggie & Cheese
  • Roast Beef & Provolone
  • Tuna
  • Hoboken Hero
  • The Blimp
  • Chicken Salad Sub

Regular $5.59

Large $10.39

Hot Subs

Meatball Parmigiana

Meatball parmigiana

Regular $6.49

Large $12.19

Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch

Regular $6.29

Large $11.79


Regular $5.29

Large $9.49

French Dip

Regular $6.39

Large $11.99

Grilled Chicken Teryaki

Regular $5.79

Large $10.49

Panini Subs


Regular $5.99

Large $11.19

Ultimate Club

Regular $6.49

Large $12.19

Buffalo Chicken

Regular $6.49

Large $12.19

Turkey Bacon Cheddar

Regular $5.99

Large $11.19


Regular $5.99

Large $11.19

Wraps (All One Size)

Buffalo Chicken


Chicken Caesar




Kids Meals $4.99

  • Ham & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese
  • Chips
  • Kids Fountain Soda

Salads $7.99

  • Chicken Caesars
  • Ultimate Club

Drinks & Sides


Regular Drink $1.29

Large Drink $1.59


Lays $1.39

Lays Baked BBQ $1.99

Sun Chips Original $1.39

Doritos $1.39

Baked Lays $1.39

Lays BBQ $1.39

Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar $1.39

Cheetos Crunchy $1.39

Cookies $1.29

  • Chocolate Chunk
  • M&M Cookie
  • White Chocolate Macadamia
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Snickerdoodle

Make it a Combo

Make it a combo with a medium soda and chips for $2.58. 30 more cents to make it a large.

*These prices were based on the Wapakoneta, Ohio location, June 2022

How Big Are Blimpie Subs?

Blimpie regular subs and paninis are 6-inch sandwiches. The large subs are 12-inch sandwiches.

The kid’s meal subs are 4-inch sandwiches.

What Does the Blimpie Way Mean?

The Blimpie® Way means it comes with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, vinegar, oil and oregano.

What is on a Blimpie Best?

A Blimpie Best has slow-cured ham, salami, capicola, prosciutinni and provolone on it.

Which is Better Blimpie vs Subway?

Blimpie is better by a wide margin. Judging by the Subway you see in every Walmart and in plenty of gas stations, many would disagree. But I’m riding with Blimpie in this sub rivalry.


In closing, I hope this has helped give you some insight into the fantastic world of Blimpie subs. They may not be as popular as they once were, but they’re still a solid value. If you are ever in the mood for a sub, go ahead and give Blimpie a shot.

Blimpie Special Sub Dressing

There are some great sub dressings out there, but few of them are as good as the Blimpie Special Sub Dressing. It’s a delicious blend of spices and is the perfect addition to your favorite sandwich. Read on to learn how to make your own.

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Blimpie Subs – America’s Sub Shop

Blimpie subs

After doing some testing, this is the closest I could come to the delicious special dressing. If you can do a better job I’d love to hear about it.


1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup Miracle Whip salad dressing

1 tablespoon ketchup

1 teaspoon onion powder

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon celery seed

1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1/8 teaspoon black pepper


1. In a small bowl, whisk together all of the ingredients until well blended.

2. Pour the dressing into a resealable plastic bag.

3. Cut off one corner of the bag to create a small opening.

4. Squeeze the dressing onto your sandwich, starting at the center and working your way out.

5. Enjoy!

Why Did Blimpie Go Out of Business?

First of all, Blimpie did not go out of business. There are still active Blimpie Subs chains all over the United States. That said, they have declined greatly.

Blimpie was a franchise that specialized in submarine sandwiches. It was founded in 1964 and had its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s. However, the chain began to decline in the 2000s, and by 2017, there were only 85 locations left in operation. In 2018, Blimpie was acquired by Kahala Brands, and the company has since been trying to revitalize the brand.

There are several reasons for Blimpie’s decline. One is that they failed to keep up with changing trends. For example, in the early 2000s, there was a trend towards healthier eating, and Blimpie didn’t really embrace that. Another reason is that their franchise model was not very sustainable. In order to open a Blimpie franchise, you had to pay a hefty up-front fee, which deterred many people.

It’s also worth noting that the submarine sandwich market is very competitive. There are a lot of other chains that do similar things, and so it can be hard for Blimpie to stand out.

Despite all of this, Blimpie is still around, and there are people who remain loyal to the brand. Who knows, maybe with some changes, they can make a comeback.

What Kind of Oil and Vinegar Does Blimpie Use?

Blimpie uses a variety of oil and vinegar in their dressings, depending on the specific recipe. Some of the most common oils used include olive oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil. Vinegars that are used include white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and red wine vinegar.


In closing, the Blimpie Special Sub Dressing is a great way to add flavor to your sandwich. It’s a delicious blend of spices that will leave you wanting more. Give it a try next time you’re looking for something new to add to your sandwich. Thank you for reading!

Blimpie Subs – America’s Sub Shop

Blimpie Subs, remember those? Back in the day, they used to be in the local Go Mart gas stations where I grew up. It was in the middle of town, which made for the most convenient location.

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For many years, for me, they were out of sight, out of mind. Well, not anymore. They are alive and well in the DMV (DC-VA-MD, if ya don’t know now ya know) and I decided to go in and check out how America’s Sub Shop is holding up. I used to love Blimpie Subs and was excited to investigate.

What Happened to the Blimpie’s Subs Sandwich Franchise? Is Blimpie Subs Still in Business?

While they aren’t as much of a major player in the United States sub and sandwich market as they once were, they’re still out there. Kahala Restaurant Franchising acquired Blimpie in 2006. Then in 2011, Blimpie’s was purchased by MTI and they still have store locations across the country. While they aren’t quite up there with Subway, Jimmy John, Jersey Mike’s and the other top dogs, Blimpie’s Subs are still chugging along. While my local Blimpie is no longer in existence, it’s only because the Blimpie franchise owner in my town was unable to keep my local Blimpie going.

Blimpie’s Menu

Blimpie’s menu consists of subs, paninis, wraps, salads, cookies and drinks.

Hot Subs

  • Meatball Parmigiana
  • Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • BLT

Deli Subs

  • Blimpie Best®
  • Turkey & Provolone
  • Club
  • Ham & Swiss
  • Tuna
  • Ham, Salami & Provolone
  • Veggie & Cheese
  • Roast Beef & Provolone


  • Sicilian
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Ultimate Club
  • Turkey Bacon Cheddar


  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Southwestern
  • Chicken Caesars

Limited-Time Offers

  • Nashville Hot Chicken
  • Sweet BBQ Chicken

My Blimpie’s Sub Review

So when I saw a Blimpie’s Subs I had to investigate. On top of that, I also had to document the process. The Blimpie’s Sub I ran into was located in an Exxon in Sterling, VA, near DC. Don’t bother looking it up because it has since closed. It was in a very convenient location and didn’t have to veer off my route home. It’s kind of surprising to me this location has closed. It was cranking out sandwiches to customers, despite the subpar service.

Blimpie subs sterling va

On my trip, I was going with the Blimpie Best Panini and getting it the Blimpie Way. I wanted this to be as Blimpie as possible. What is the Blimpie Best, Blimpie Way, you ask?

What is on a Blimpie Best Sandwich? What’s the Blimpie Way?

“Slow-cured ham, salami, capicola, prosciutinni, provolone made the Blimpie® Way with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, vinegar, oil and oregano.”

Sounds a lot like Mike’s Way, if you ask me. That said, it was AWESOME. The service sucked, they didn’t get my order completely correct, but I’m not sure if it was the actual panini or the nostalgia I was tasting, but either way, it was awesome. The meat was sliced fresh. America’s Sub Shop did not let me down!

Check out my Blimpie’s experience:

How Many Blimplies Are There?

There are 156 active Blimpie locations currently in operation. That’s according to good old Wikipedia, so if it’s incorrect go take it up with them.

Conclusion – I miss My Local Blimpie

As I stated earlier, maybe it was the nostalgia talking, but it turns out I am still a big fan of Blimpie Subs. In a strange way, it kind of reminded me of those fundraiser subs that I buy every single time I get an opportunity. I won’t make any claim it has the freshest meats or the best bread, but when you put it all together, it just works for me. America’s Sub Shop hooked me my buddy and I up with a couple of good sandwiches for a fair price.

The only problem for me is finding one of these sandwich shops in operation. A quick trip to Google tells me that it will be a nearly four-hour drive for me to score more Blimpie’s. In the meantime, I’ll be hoping more Blimpie restaurants pop up in my area. A man can dream, right?

Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich – Gas Station Eats!

Once upon a time, I thought you had to venture to Nashville to obtain Nashville Hot Chicken. Well, now you can get them at a freaking gas station in West Virginia. We’re going to take a look at the Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

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Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Review

What is a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich?

Nashville Hot Chicken is not your average, run-of-the-mill chicken. It’s made from whole chicken parts and coated in spices including flour before being deep-fried and slathered in the famous Nashville hot sauce to give it that signature hot taste!

Here’s an authentic example of Nashville Hot Chicken at the world-renowned Hattie B’s:

Sheetz Version of the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

If you’re familiar with Sheetz, then you know they had to put their own spin on the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. It features a homestyle breaded chicken fillet smothered in Nashville hot sauce and drizzled with maple syrup, then sandwiched between two toasted waffles.

And of course, since it’s Sheetz you can customize that bad boy anyway you’d like. I just got mine the way it came in the Sheetz app with the Nashville hot chicken sandwiched between two waffles and topped with some maple syrup. $5 seemed like a lot of money for the sandwich until you pick it up. That thing has some mass.

Check out my review:

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. As of June 2022 it is still offered at my local Sheetz. Since I’ve never been to Nashville this is as close as I’ll get for now, but I’d like to hear their opinion of this wannabe Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from a gas station in West Virginia.

Sheetz Tutti Frutti Mini Crispies

Sheetz tutti frutti mini krispies

At the end of the video, there was a special bonus appearance of Sheetz Tutti Frutti Mini Crispies. These were your basic Rice Krispy Treats with an interesting twist: they have freaking Fruity Pebbles in them! If you’re an 80s baby like me then you LOVE Fruity Pebbles. These were an impulse buy by the counter that will definitely be happening again. By the way, while you’re waiting in line you will be flanked by these types of desserts and snacks that are basically impossible to resist.

Sheetz Waffle Burger

Using two waffles as a bun is not just limited to the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Another captivating option would be to use the waffles as a bun on a burger. This is something I’m yet to do, but will definitely be doing in the future.

Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Nutrition Facts

Calories: 860

Fat: 54 g

Saturated Fat: 17 g

Trans Fat: 2.5 g

Cholesterol: 195 mg

Sodium: 3010 mg

Carbohydrates: 58 g

Fiber: 2 g

Sugar: 27 g

Protein: 37 g

As you can see, the Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is not what you would call a “healthy” option. That being said, it’s still very tasty and absolutely worth a try. Just make sure you get it on “cheat day.”

Sheetz Menu

You might be wondering what other crazy stuff is on the Sheetz menu. Well, the sky is the limit, my friends. You can pretty much get anything you want at Sheetz.

Need some breakfast? How about the Sheetz Breakfast Burrito with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and cheese all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla. Or maybe you’re in the mood for something sweet like the Sheetz Cinnamon Roll or Blueberry Toaster Strudel.

There’s a wide array of made-to-order drinks at Sheetz. Whether you’re looking for a latte, Americano, milkshake, smoothie or whatever, Sheetz has you covered. And of course it’s a gas station with a full convenience store with all of the usual drink options.

For lunch and dinner, you’ve got everything from pizzas and sandwiches to salads and wraps. And don’t forget about their famous made-to-order Sheetz MTO® line of burgers, hot dogs, nachos, fries, and more. And you can’t forget the made-to-order personal pan pizzas. No matter what you’re looking for there’s something on that Sheetz menu for you.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Sheetz has got you covered.


In closing, I’d like to say that you gotta love Sheetz. How many gas stations out there are willing to have their employees put a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich together? Especially when they are based in the northeast, nowhere near Nashville. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend you stop in one of the Sheetz off the interstate and dabble through the options on their MTO kiosks, which just so happen to be touchscreen.

Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Review – Can a Gas Station Compete?

Over the past few years, the Chicken Sandwich Wars have swept the United States, but can a gas station contend? Check out this Sheetz Chicken Sandwich review to find out.

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How Does Sheetz Curbside Pickup Work?

Best Food at Sheetz

I have to say that I was pretty skeptical when I first heard that Sheetz would sell chicken sandwiches. I mean, they’re a gas station chain, not a fast-food restaurant. How could they possibly make a good chicken sandwich?

That said, obviously, Sheetz is not your average gas station. Any Sheetz Freaks out there can attest that Sheetz goes above and beyond when it comes to gas station cuisine.

There are some different options for chicken sandwiches in the Sheetz app. So, just to be clear, I am referring to the Sheetz Homestyle Chicken Sandwich in this review.

Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Toppings

Whenever I am going to get a chicken sandwich, I typically get the default toppings on it. Many of the popular chicken sandwiches come with pickles, but there are different toppings on the different offerings. The problem with Sheetz is there is no default option. When you are assembling your culinary creations in the Sheetz app or at the MTO kiosks located in the stores, you have complete control over your sandwich. There is no default option. So my default chicken sandwich comes with pickles. Maybe that’s something Sheetz can look into. We need a default options button.

Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Bun Options

As stated, Sheetz is all about customization. The bun I went with is the “Traditional Bun.” That was an easy call for me. But in case you’re wondering what other options there are, here you go:

  • Tortilla Wrap
  • Sliced Sourdough
  • Croissant
  • Plain Bagel
  • Everything Bagel
  • Waffle

Those are some wild options, aren’t they? You may be wondering who the heck uses a waffle as a bun? Well, that just so happens to make an awesome Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, which is another offering at Sheetz. Check it out:

Sheetz Ultimate Toppers

Now if you’re a real wild card, there are some other modifiers you can add to your sandwich known as “Sheetz Ultimate Toppers.” These include:

  • Fryz
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Mac n Cheese Bites
  • Fried Egg
  • Jalapeno Poppers

It’s almost like these Sheetz menu creators were using some performance-enhancing drugs when they put this menu together. That said, there’s a chicken sandwich at Sheetz called “The Big Mozz.” And it’s glorious. Here it is in all its glory:

The big mozz

My Official Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Review

So where does the Sheetz Chicken Sandwich land? I don’t quite put it up there with my G.O.A.T. of chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A, but it is a darned good option. Bonus points for the customization options. Plus you know since it’s an MTO (Made to Order, for you noobs out there) it’s coming in fresh every time.

Check out this video to see how my friend Chris and I think it stacks up against some of the top fast food chicken sandwiches:

Sheetz Cheeseburger Review

While we’re in the mode of reviewing gas station food, why not bring up the Sheetz Burger? It’s another MTO item, so you know it’s fresh. You can also get this burger with a variety of toppings, just like the chicken sandwich.

I went with the traditional bun and your basic burger toppings, but I also added American cheese to my burger. One thing I will say is that the Sheetz burgers do not come pre-made. So if you are in a hurry, this may not be the best option. It takes them a few minutes to make your burger. Greatness takes time, right?

All in all, the Sheetz Burger is a pretty solid fast food burger. It’s certainly not going to top Five Guys, In-N-Out, or whatever your favorite burger is. After all, it’s a gas station burger. But if you’re looking to grab a quick, solid burger it will do the trick.

Check it out:


If you’re ever going through the PA//VA/WV/OH region, Sheetz is a great option to grab a bite to eat while on the road. The menu has a wide variety and as mentioned, they have a very solid chicken sandwich and cheeseburger option. Don’t let those crazy Wawa people tell you otherwise.