Italian cuisine has a special place in my heart. Atlantic City is a treasure trove for food lovers like me seeking authentic Italian dishes. From handmade pasta to perfectly cooked veal, the city offers a wide array of choices.

Choosing the right spot can be overwhelming with so many outstanding options available. My aim is to guide you through the top Italian restaurants that stand out for their exceptional flavors and inviting atmospheres.

1) Chef Vola’s

Chef Vola’s is a hidden gem nestled in a residential neighborhood. It creates a cozy and intimate dining experience. It’s a family-style restaurant operating in a private home, which adds a unique charm to the whole visit. The ambiance felt like dining at a dear friend’s house, making the experience special and unforgettable.

Reservations here are essential, as they have limited seating. This ensures a more personal dining experience. The process can feel a bit exclusive because not all reservation requests are guaranteed. Once seated, the homestyle Italian fare makes the wait worthwhile.

The food is authentic Italian cuisine, served with heartfelt hospitality that reflects the restaurant’s long history. I loved the BYOB policy, allowing diners to bring their own favorite wines to complement the rich and hearty dishes.

How to Get Reservations at Chef Vola’s

This isn’t the type of restaurant you can just show up at and have dinner. It’s extremely high demand and tough to get reservations. So how do you get a table at Chef Vola’s?

You need to start planning months before you plan to dine. Start calling them 3-4 months before you plan on eating there. If there is availability sooner, so be it, but you want to plan way ahead, just to be safe.

The best way to contact them is to start calling around 3 to 4 p.m. This is before the action picks up and the restaurant is just opening, so you have a great chance of someone taking your reservation.

This may seem like a lot, but this is an incredible restaurant. In fact, I took my wife here before I proposed to her. Here are some photos from our date:

Veal Cutlet

Apologies for the lighting, it’s very dark in there.

Trust me. If you love Italian food you’ll want to check this place out.

Rating: 4.7 (1433 reviews)
Location: 111 S Albion Pl, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 345-2022
Website: Visit Website

2) Carmine’s Italian Restaurant – Atlantic City

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant in Atlantic City. The atmosphere was inviting, with a relaxed, family-friendly vibe that made me feel right at home.

The restaurant is conveniently located inside The Quarter at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, which is conveniently located right on the boardwalk.

I was impressed by the hearty portions of homestyle Southern Italian dishes. Everything is meant to be shared, so it’s perfect for large groups or family gatherings. “Family style” as they call it. The marinara sauce, available for nationwide delivery, is a must-try.

Making a reservation is advisable since the restaurant can get busy. It’s nothing like Chef Vola’s, but make a reservation just to be safe.

Rating: 4.5 (3325 reviews)
Location: 2801 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 572-9300
Website: Visit Website

3) Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern

Angelo’s atmosphere has a cozy, old-school charm that you rarely find.

Established in 1935, this place has become a beloved institution in Atlantic City. It’s clear why it’s been a favorite for three generations of the Mancuso family.

From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed. The staff was friendly, and the food was nothing short of amazing. The generous servings of Italian classics were perfect.

I particularly enjoyed their wine list, which complemented the meal beautifully. If you’re looking for a place that offers both history and hearty meals, Angelo’s is it.

Rating: 4.5 (2315 reviews)
Location: 2300 Fairmount Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 344-2439
Website: Visit Website

4) Cafe 2825

Cafe 2825 in Atlantic City is a charming gem that offers authentic Southern Italian cuisine. It’s a small, intimate spot where the quality of food stands out. Whenever I crave from-scratch Italian meals, this is my go-to place.

One thing I love is their table-side preparations. Watching my meal being crafted right in front of me adds a special touch. The atmosphere is both classy and cozy, making it perfect for a relaxing dinner.

Their parking situation is convenient, with a free lot just a short walk away. My evenings there are hassle-free and full of delightful dishes.

Rating: 4.6 (772 reviews)
Location: 2825 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 344-6913
Website: Visit Website

5) Girasole

Girasole is a gem nestled on Pacific Ave in Atlantic City. When I stepped inside, the atmosphere was instantly inviting. The blend of classy decor and comfortable seating made it the perfect spot for a relaxing evening.

The menu is a delightful showcase of Italian cuisine, featuring homemade pastas that taste like they were crafted in the heart of Italy. I enjoyed a rich and flavorful dish that truly captured the essence of authentic Italian cooking.

Their lounge and garden patio offer a serene setting to enjoy a meal. It’s perfect for both a cozy dinner date and a sophisticated night out with friends. The staff’s warm hospitality added to the experience.

Rating: 4.4 (412 reviews)
Location: 3108 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 345-5554
Website: Visit Website

6) Capriccio

I recently visited Capriccio, an upscale Italian restaurant nestled in Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, and the experience was memorable. The restaurant’s old-world inspired dining room overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, providing a stunning view as you enjoy your meal.

The Seafood Zuppetta and Veal Romero were standouts on the menu, each dish prepared with the utmost care and using the freshest ingredients. The atmosphere feels special and refined.

Dining in the enclosed veranda offers a comfortable outdoor option, perfect for enjoying the bustling boardwalk. The service was exceptional, making me feel warmly welcomed and attended to every step of the way.

Rating: 4.4 (645 reviews)
Location: 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 340-6789
Website: Visit Website

7) Il Verdi

When I stepped into Il Verdi, I immediately felt the warm, inviting atmosphere that Italian restaurants are renowned for. The decor was elegant, with an unmistakable touch of class.

I was particularly impressed by the variety of authentic Italian dishes on the menu. The pasta was freshly made, and the sauces were flavorful, reminding me of home-cooked meals.

The service at Il Verdi was top-notch. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, offering recommendations and ensuring that my dining experience was exceptional. I was never left wanting.

Rating: 4.5 (200 reviews)
Location: 2831 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 340-4070
Website: Visit Website

8) Moments at Scannicchio’s

I recently visited Moments at Scannicchio’s. It was a delightful experience. The vibe was warm and welcoming, exactly what you’d hope for from a charming Italian restaurant. They recently rolled out a new lunch menu, “A Taste of Italy,” served from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Their menu is filled with classic Italian dishes that burst with authentic flavors. I had a delightful time sampling the different offerings. The restaurant also offers live entertainment, which adds a lively touch to the meal.

Amidst its casual yet elegant setting, I found myself immersed in a genuine Italian dining experience. The staff were friendly and attentive, making sure every guest felt special. It’s a perfect spot for a cozy meal with friends or family.

Rating: 5 (69 reviews)
Location: 2647 Fairmount Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 344-5338
Website: Visit Website

9) Il Mulino New York – Atlantic City

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Il Mulino New York – Atlantic City. The elegance and atmosphere of the restaurant immediately enchanted me. Located just steps from the iconic Boardwalk, the dining space perfectly balances sophistication and comfort.

The menu offered an array of Italian favorites that made it hard to choose just one dish. I opted for one of their sizable plates, and it did not disappoint. Each bite was rich with authentic flavors, showcasing the mastery of their culinary team. The fine dining experience was both memorable and satisfying.

The restaurant operates Sunday to Thursday from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM and extends until 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. This schedule suited my plans perfectly, and I appreciated the attentive service throughout my meal. Il Mulino has been recognized as the top casino restaurant in America by USA Today.

Rating: 4.1 (354 reviews)
Location: 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (609) 449-6006
Website: Visit Website

10) Superfrico Atlantic City

Superfrico Atlantic City offers a captivating mix of Italian cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere. This makes it a must-visit spot.

Located within Caesars Atlantic City, this Italian restaurant surprises you with its unique blend of traditional and innovative dishes.

The journey into the venue is an adventure itself. I followed signs towards “The Boardwalk” from the hotel’s main entrance. These led me through the Wild West Casino to the super cool marked doors.

The vibe is energetic, and the staff greet you warmly, setting the tone for a wonderful dining experience.

The setting at Superfrico is comfortable and flexible. It has seating options that cater to your preference. Whether you prefer booths, armchairs, or bar stools, the restaurant ensures everyone feels at home.

It’s perfect for a relaxed meal or a lively night out with friends or family.

The food at Superfrico is exceptional, with vegan and vegetarian options available. The menu features a variety of delicious Italian dishes.

As someone who appreciates great food, I found their offerings delightful and thoughtfully crafted.

Rating: 4.3 (148 reviews)
Location: Caesars Atlantic City 2100 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Contact: (888) 966-0404
Website: Visit Website