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Me enjoying my favorite chicken wing – Mason Jar, Morgantown, WV

Hi! I’m Sean, the owner of Foodeliciousness.com.  Food is my passion. Anyone who knows me knows this about me.

When I go on a trip the restaurants that I’ll be near are a big factor in the trip. I love discovering great food and sharing it with people. And that’s what brought me here to this website.

I grew up in West Virginia and now live in Pennsylvania. I love sharing my local delicacies and learning about yours. What’s your favorite dish? What’s the most overrated restaurant you’ve ever been to? Where can I get the best wings ever? Follow me on social media and share it with me.

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Daniells is my beautiful wife and does most of the cooking of the food that goes in my videos. If it actually looks good, she most likely cooked it.

In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her girls (Yorkies), cooking (duh), watching crime shows and documentaries and traveling with her fantastic husband.

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