The Benefits of HexClad Cookware in 2023

Imagine owning cookware that combines the best of cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick surfaces to create a revolutionary hybrid, offering you unmatched performance in the kitchen! Welcome to the world of HexClad cookware! In this blog post, we dive deep into the benefits, performance, and versatility of HexClad cookware, as well as endorsements from renowned chefs and environmental and health considerations. Get ready to transform your cooking experience!

Short Summary

  • Experience effortless cooking with HexClad’s Hybrid Concept, combining the benefits of cast iron, stainless steel and nonstick surfaces!
  • Enjoy superior searing & heat distribution for delicious results, plus easy clean up and a lifetime warranty!
  • Invest in HexClad cookware endorsed by top chefs Gordon Ramsay & Paul Ainsworth for an exciting cooking experience that is PFOA free and sustainable.

The HexClad Hybrid Concept

HexClad cookware is a game-changer, as it brings together the benefits of cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick surfaces. The surface of HexClad cookware features a nonstick center protected by laser-etched stainless steel, giving you the ultimate searing power, metal utensil safety, and easy clean-up. One of the standout products is the HexClad 5-Quart Dutch Oven, which boasts an aluminum core, stainless steel interior and exterior, nonstick surface, and compatibility with metal utensils. It’s oven-safe up to 500°F, dishwasher-safe, and comes with a lifetime warranty that truly lives up to its promise.

The innovative honeycomb pattern on HexClad cookware not only adds a touch of style but also serves a functional purpose. This design safeguards the nonstick surface from metal utensils and general wear and tear while enabling high surface heat when searing steaks. HexClad has managed to create a lightweight Dutch oven that weighs only 4 pounds without the lid, making it much lighter than traditional Dutch ovens and easier to handle.

Performance Analysis: HexClad Cookware in Action

HexClad cookware may not replace all your stovetop pans, but it certainly has distinct advantages over other pans tested. In this section, we will delve into the performance analysis of HexClad cookware, comparing it to traditional cast iron and nonstick pans in terms of searing, heat distribution, and food release.

Searing is one of the most important aspects of cooking, and HexClad cookware excels in this area. The patented hexagonal design of the pan allows for even heat distribution, resulting in a perfectly seperate pan.

Cast Iron Skillet Comparison

HexClad truly shines when it comes to searing and heat distribution. The HexClad skillet outperforms cast iron skillets in searing while evenly distributing heat across the surface of the pan like stainless steel.

When it comes to cooking braised meat in the HexClad 5-Quart Dutch Oven, the ribs were beautifully browned on the stovetop. In a head-to-head comparison with an All-Clad stainless steel pan, the sausage cooked on the HexClad didn’t develop a crust but still cooked evenly and had a satisfying taste.

Even bread cooked in the HexClad 5-Quart Dutch oven. Oven came out pretty well, with the only major difference being the browning at the top.

Nonstick Pan Showdown

When it comes to food release, HexClad cookware is on par with nonstick pans, ensuring that your food slides off effortlessly without sticking. Its wok, with its high walls and nonstick center, is perfect for stir-fries, preventing splatters and spills while allowing you to toss your ingredients with ease.

The HexClad 5-Quart Dutch. Oven is also a dream to cook pasta in, with water boiling in no time and no worries about pasta slipping out when stirring ingredients together.

In short, HexClad offers the best of both worlds, combining the searing capabilities of cast iron with the nonstick properties of nonstick pans.

Cleaning and Maintenance

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One of the most convenient aspects of HexClad cookware is its easy and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Gone are the days of struggling with burnt-on food residue or having to season your pan before every use. With HexClad, seasoning is as simple as heating the pan on medium-low heat, spreading a teaspoon of neutral oil around the interior, and leaving it on medium heat for around 2-4 minutes.

Cleaning HexClad cookware is a breeze, with no need for special cleaning products or extensive scrubbing. The HexClad frying pan and 5-Quart Dutch oven both require minimal effort to clean, even after extensive cooking sessions. This ease of cleaning and maintenance makes HexClad cookware an attractive option for busy home cooks.

Oven and Stovetop Compatibility

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Another reason to consider HexClad cookware for your kitchen is its compatibility with various stovetops and ovens. HexClad frying pans and woks are compatible with gas, electric, and induction stoves, making them versatile for any kitchen setup. Additionally, HexClad cookware is oven-safe up to an impressive 500 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to create a wide range of culinary masterpieces without worrying about damaging your cookware.

The HexClad roasting pan is another versatile option, showcasing even heat distribution, a nonstick surface, compatibility with metal utensils, and suitability for any stovetop and oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With its included roasting rack and ability to handle high temperatures, the HexClad roasting pan is perfect for cooking large cuts of meat and bringing out the best flavors in your dishes.

Durability and Longevity

A HexClad Hybrid Pan with a lid on top

HexClad cookware is built to last, with high durability and scratch resistance. Reviews from customers and experts attest to its longevity, with some estimating that it can last 20 to 30 years. This impressive lifespan is backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

This durability is achieved through the innovative hexagonal pattern on the cookware’s surface, which protects the nonstick material from damage caused by metal utensils and general wear and tear. HexClad’s commitment to producing long-lasting cookware means you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality, versatile cookware for many years to come.

HexClad’s Product Range

A range of HexClad Hybrid Cookware products

HexClad offers a wide range of products to suit your cooking needs, including skillets, woks, Dutch ovens, cutting boards, knife sets, and more. The most popular piece of HexClad cookware is undoubtedly the frying pan, with its sleek design and unbeatable performance. The HexClad griddle pan is another must-have, perfect for cooking pancakes, burgers, and big breakfasts with its nonstick surface and superior heat distribution.

The HexClad 5-Quart Dutch. Oven stands out with its half-the-weight design compared to traditional Dutch ovens, nonstick and stainless performance, even heat distribution, and distinctive lid that seals in moisture for delicious stews and braises. HexClad’s cutting board is also noteworthy for its tri-ply construction featuring a bamboo base, stainless steel top layer, and non-slip silicone backing, making it easy to cut, carve, and chop with precision.

For those who appreciate fine knives, HexClad offers a Japanese Damascus steel knife set that includes an 8-inch chef knife, serrated bread knife, Santoku knife, multipurpose utility knife, and small paring knife, all with rare forest green Pakkawood handles. With such a diverse product range, HexClad has something to offer for every home cook and professional chef alike.

Endorsements from Renowned Chefs

Gordon Ramsay holding a HexClad Hybrid Pan

The quality of HexClad cookware has not gone unnoticed by renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Paul Ainsworth, who enthusiastically endorse the brand. Gordon Ramsay describes HexClad as “the Rolls Royce of pans!”, a testament to the exceptional performance and durability of the cookware.

These endorsements further solidify HexClad’s reputation as a top choice for both home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Environmental and Health Considerations

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HexClad cookware not only delivers exceptional performance, but also takes into account environmental and health considerations. The cookware is PFOA-free and nontoxic, ensuring that you can cook with confidence knowing you are using safe and eco-friendly products.

While specific information on sustainability is not readily available, the company claims that their products are designed to last a lifetime, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more sustainable kitchen.

Investing in HexClad Cookware

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Investing in HexClad cookware is a solid choice for those seeking to elevate their cooking experience. The benefits of using HexClad cookware include effortless and enjoyable cooking, amazing results, versatility, a lifetime guarantee, and better results over time. The endorsements from top chefs such as Gordon Ramsay further reinforce the value of this investment.

HexClad cookware is not only a practical investment, but also a stylish one. The sleek design, with its unique hexagonal pattern and stainless-steel construction, adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. With its exceptional performance, durability, and versatility, HexClad cookware is an investment that is bound to pay off in the long run and bring the joy of cooking to a whole new level.


In summary, HexClad cookware is a revolutionary hybrid that combines the best of cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick surfaces, offering superior performance, durability, and versatility. With its compatibility with various stovetops and ovens, easy cleaning and maintenance, and endorsements from renowned chefs, HexClad cookware is a solid investment for any kitchen.

Are you ready to transform your cooking experience and elevate your culinary skills with HexClad cookware? There’s no better time than now to invest in these exceptional products and discover the joy of cooking with HexClad. Your kitchen will never be the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does HexClad pan stick?

Sticking with HexClad pans can be caused by using too much heat or not enough oil. To ensure your food doesn’t stick, lower the heat and use enough oil when cooking to prevent sticking.

With proper use, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals with HexClad pans!

How long does HexClad cookware last?

You can rely on HexClad cookware for years of hassle-free cooking! With proper care and maintenance, these pans can last anywhere from 20-30 years – so go ahead and whip up that delicious meal without any worries!

No matter what you’re cooking, HexClad cookware is the perfect choice for a long-lasting, reliable kitchen companion. The unique hexagonal design ensures even heat.

Who is HexClad owned by?

HexClad is owned by CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Winer. He created the brand with the intention of delivering durable and long-lasting cookware to customers, setting it apart from many other brands in the direct-to-consumer market.

Winer’s passion for innovation has allowed HexClad to deliver on its mission of making cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Does Gordon Ramsay use HexClad or ScanPan?

Wow! Gordon Ramsay is a master chef and uses both HexClad and ScanPan in his cooking! While he uses ScanPan on his Masterclass series and All-Clad brand on his Fox TV series, Hell’s Kitchen, at home he prefers the amazing HexClad cookware.

Where is hexclad made?

Get ready to cook up something delicious with Hexclad! Our revolutionary non-stick cookware is designed in Los Angeles and South Korea, and proudly manufactured in China, ensuring you get the highest quality product with unbeatable performance.

Hexclad is made with a patented hybrid technology that combines the durability of stainless steel with the non-stick performance of a ceramic coating.