It’s no secret that Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the United States. They have a great selection of food and drink and are a great spot to watch the game. But does Buffalo Wild Wings take Apple Pay? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

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While Buffalo Wild Wings does accept major credit cards, they do not currently take Apple Pay or any other form of mobile payment. This can be frustrating for iPhone users.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Offer Contactless Payment Options?

Despite no Apple Pay, there are two different contactless payment options at Buffalo Wild Wings. To use the first option you provide your mobile phone number while placing your order and receive a link to the bill by text. The second option involves scanning a QR code on your bill when you receive it and you are then able to make payment.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have an App?

Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings does have an app. The app can be used to place orders and make payments. However, it does not currently support Apple Pay. The app allows you to earn rewards and you can cash them in for deals on food. You can also order ahead and make payment when using the app.

How Do I Get My Birthday Reward From Buffalo Wild Wings?

If you are a member of the Buffalo Wild Wings rewards program, you can get a free birthday reward. To get the reward, you must sign up for the rewards program and provide your birthday information. Then, you will receive the e-bonus on your birthday.


So, does Buffalo Wild Wings take Apple Pay? No, they do not. However, there are a few reasons why this might be the case. Hopefully, in the future, Buffalo Wild Wings will start accepting Apple Pay so that customers can enjoy the convenience of paying with their smartphones.