Even though Christmas dinner is what everyone waits for. It is all of the Christmas snacks and appetizers that get all of the guests ready beforehand. To help keep things simple, the preparation of the snacks can be done in advance so that they will be there ready and waiting for the guests to enjoy.

Whether you want your Christmas holiday party snacks and appetizers to be heavy or light, you also have many healthy vegan options that will have everybody grabbing some. Having snacks as a part of the Christmas dinner will be a great beginning to the festive dinner no matter how many guests you expect.

By having a list of snacks to serve during your Christmas holiday party, you will be able to have plenty of options for your guests to enjoy. From snacks involving veggies, salsa, and bread, you are able to be as creative as you want. Plus, the methods that you use for preparation can easily cut the time in half.

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61 Best Christmas Snacks

1. Brie Filled With Cranberry

Adding a nice brie with cranberry will provide a melty sensation that goes well with baguette slices. This brie will surely be a go-to snack.

2. Beef Empanada Pastries

When you want a snack that makes the holiday delicious, then having beef empanada pastries will provide a great start. Along with the flakiness of the pastry, the ground beef, olives, and other spices make a tasty combination.

3. Salmon Rillette

Having a bit of elegance thrown in always makes for a delicious snack and that is what this salmon and shallots achieve. Make plenty because they will not last.

4. Snowman Cheese Board

snowman cheese board

Having an appetizer snack such as this makes for an adorable addition. With just a few types of cheese, crackers, biscuits and dried fruit, your guests will be able to pick this snowman apart while enjoying it.

5. Delicata Squash Pizza

This squash pizza combines blue cheese and provolone to slices of squash and onion. Cut into this pizza and the guests will love to munch on it prior to the main course.

6. Parmesan Crackers

When you want to make an impression this holiday season, then you will love the idea of making your own parmesan crackers. The great part is that the use of pie dough is the secret ingredient. Once made, they can be enjoyed with any type of dip.

7. Crispy Skillet Carrot Latkes

Using tiny skillets made of cast-iron is a great way to enjoy latkes that are both delicious and crispy and can go good with anything.

8. Apple and Brie Tart

When you love having a fancy holiday party full of festive Christmas snacks, then these tarts will be the perfect addition that is both savory and sweet.

9. The Popover

When you have a popover, you have a classic snack that does not require many ingredients. The popover can be a great idea for an appetizer snack.

10. Marinated Feta

When your holiday season Christmas party gets underway, you can turn flavorless feta into a star addition to your holiday table. By marinating this cheese with rosemary, chili, and lemon, it gives crackers and bread a great flavor.

11. Goat Cheese Log

Have this cheese log covered with black pepper, cranberries, and chives and your cracker tray will come alive with flavor.

12. Roasted Artichokes

roasted artichokes

Roasting some artichokes will give your guests an extra amount of tenderness to be happy about. They can also be ready in a short amount of time so that your other snacks can be prepared.

13. Shishito Peppers and Garlicky Wings

These garlicky wings will give your guests something to talk about. Along with the fish sauce, it combines garlic, lime juice, and brown sugar to make a nice sticky sauce. Prep all of this in an air fryer and it’s ready in no time.

14. Cheese Fondue

Melting some cheese and dipping chips or bread will have everybody dipping.

15. Pigs in a Blanket

pigs in a blanket

When you plan to enjoy a game on Christmas, then these classic game day favorites will surely hit the spot. Create an arrangement that will make a unique appearance that guests will comment about.

16. Spinach Artichoke Tartines

Although a delicious dip works well, it can cause more of a mess. In order to avoid using a dip, just spread some of this spinach artichoke spread on some bread and enjoy.

17. French Onion Dip

When you have some guests that you plan to impress, you can add a festive twist to your Christmas party by making your own French onion dip.

18. Sweet and Sour Meatballs

sweet and sour meatballs

If you saved leftovers from Thanksgiving in the freezer, then you can easily include the cranberry sauce to create a sweet glaze for these delectable meatballs.

19. Cream Cheese Appetizer

This snack is another that comes together fast ahead of time. Just mix in some herbs and spices the night before and allow to solidify overnight. Have it out and plated just before your first guest knocks on the door.

20. Arugula Pesto

When you make your pesto, don’t forget to add some arugula for some extra color and nutrients. Drizzle some on a crostini covered with ricotta or bread slices.

21. The Onion Tart

Although the scallion may not be suited for a holiday gathering, they do provide quite a bit of flavor to a Christmas snack table. Place some on a tart and you will thank us later.

22. The Beet Tapenade

Having a beet is a perfect winter dish addition and adding them to your snack list will help your party shine. Mix some cooked beets and cut them up and mix with spices and chopped olives. Spread a layer on some endive leaves with a dash of basil and call it good.

23. Cherry Tomato Confit

Making a confit got easier with this cherry tomato rendition and just spread on some cheese crackers and you have a crunchy goodness.

24. Rustic Potato and Fennel Galette

Enjoying a galette to warm up to is nice when fennel and rustic potatoes are added.

25. Roasted Garlic, Herb, and Lemon Olives

These olives are roasted and mixed with festive holiday season color.

26. Cauliflower Soup

This soup as a snack puts more healthy veggies so that you can stay a bit healthier this Christmas season.

27. Sprigs in a Blanket

With some sprigs in a blanket, you’re able to combine a pastry to wrap around sprigs of asparagus. Oh, and bacon is still added to each wrap.

28. Lemon Drop Cookies

lemon drop cookies

These soft cookies will melt in your mouth because of the lemon and powdered sugar icing.

29. Golden Potato Wedges

Cut up some potato wedges and bake with herbs and spices and your guests will have some good finger food.

30. Cream Cheese Deviled Eggs

When you want festive Christmas snacks, nothing can come closer than some cream cheese deviled eggs. Dash some paprika and it gives an extra kick.

31. Crispy Salad with Mozzarella and Beet

A great snack for the beet lovers out there. Many of your guests will leave this alone but those that are into beets will love it.

32. Roasted Asparagus and Ricotta Tart

This tart is a tasty recipe idea that is also easy and can provide a nice amount of vitamins from the asparagus.

33. Parmesan-Chive Chips

When you want to add some chips to your snack list, just pour some chips into a bowl and add some chives and parmesan on top.

34. Brie Cups

When you have some extra puff pastry laying around, you can create brie cups and top it with some of your favorite jam.

35. The Frico Cup

These cups will be full of parmesan cheese and delicate to eat. Although cheese is one option for filling, you can use any other to create a tasty snack that all will enjoy.

36. BBQ Italian Sausage and Pepper Pie

Grab some pizza dough from the frozen pizza aisle and whip a tasty BBQ pie that all will indulge in.

37. Pecorino & Everything Spice Straws

When you mix every type of seasoning with grated cheese and place it inside pastry, you get an easy snack that is ever so easy.

38. Caesar Dip Covered Roasted Artichokes

When you are a fan of artichokes and crave something that can add a bit of zing, then these caesar dip covered roasted artichokes are a light snack that’ll hold you over until dinner.

39. Spicy Deviled Walnuts

Adding nuts is the ultimate snack and these walnuts will do the trick with all of their flavor.

40. Zucchini Tots

These are not your normal tater tots, but the zucchini addition is a great alternative to munch on as a snack.

41. Prosciutto & Mustard Pinwheels

With just three ingredients, these pinwheel bites make great finger sandwiches and you should not feel surprised when these go fast.

42. Seasoned Jumbo Shrimp

seasoned jumbo shrimp

When you have some shrimp in the freezer, break it out and cook it up with some seasoning and the guests will handle the rest.

43. Charred Salsa

When you have some shrimp in the freezer, break it out and cook it up with some seasoning and the guests will handle the rest.

When you grill the veggies first, it is able to provide a nice smoky charred taste that your guests will love.

44. Potstickers with Shrimp Curry

Potstickers filled with shrimp curry will help satisfy your hunger without feeling full. Add a sauce and the flavor explodes.

45. Tartines with Prosciutto, Asparagus, and Burrata

Having a healthy helping of vegetables and burrata provides a beautiful mix which your guests may feel guilty about eating.

46. Crispy Chicken Sliders with Honey Glaze

Having roasted chicken with a layer of honey and crushed corn flakes will have your guests feeling joyful all season long.

47. Pepper Relish Covered Lamb Slider

These sliders need no other topping except the pepper relish you make yourself.

48. Goat Cheese and Sausage Pizza Bites

Mix in some goat cheese and sausage to make pizza bites that your guests will happily dig into.

49. Radicchio Salad with Roasted Fennel and Shrimp

A nice twist to your snack table can include this radicchio salad rendition consisting of shrimp and and roasted fennel

50. Romaine Salad with Lemon-Pecorino Vinaigrette

By having a salad ahead of time, it will save you time and allow you to enjoy the other goodies quickly following dinner.

51. Butternut Squash Tartlets with Feta

Having these tartlets will give you a load of butternut squash and feta without any fuss.

52. Bruschetta with Mushrooms and Fontina

Topping bruschetta with fontina and mushrooms will have your guests enjoying these cheesy mushrooms as they add goodness to the bruschetta.

53. Tomato and Mozzarella Bites

tomato and mozarella bites

These bites will look beautiful against your festive Christmas colors as well as being enjoyed by guests.

54. A Boozy Cherry Log

This cherry log is a cream cheese center with a crust of pecan and infused with rum. Not only will this spread work perfectly as a snack, but it will also provide a sweet dessert option.

55. Crostini with Chorizo-and-Manchego

With so many other snacks and goodies ready, you can continue with the spice by adding these crostinis topped with chorizo and manchego.

56. Pretzel Bites

With just a few ingredients, these bites will provide the right amount of soft bite that you would expect from a pretzel.

57. Cauliflower “Popcorn”

Add some turmeric, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder to the cauliflower florets and you have some “popcorn.” This is a lot better in the flavor section.

58. Shrimp Crostini with Ginger

These shrimp crostinis will go fast due to their addictive flavors.

59. Turkey Meatballs

turkey meatballs

Adding Dijon mustard to turkey meatballs will add a significant amount of spice that will enhance the overall flavor of the meatballs.

60. Naan Chips with Grilled Onion Dip

With your onion dip already on the snack table, just add some flatbread chips that can add a bit of crunch.

61. Croquettes with Sweet Potato

These croquettes will taste like a sweet crunchy potato that has been fried. Yummy!

62. Cheddar Biscuits with Apple

These biscuits will give you a nice dose of cheese while melting in your mouth.

63. Holly Crackers with Cheddar

Plate up some crackers with cheddar and have a holly time. These scrumptious crackers are holly leaf shaped and very enjoyable.

64. The Pull-Apart Christmas Tree

When you have your Christmas tree all decked out, you can move on to your pull-apart Christmas tree that you will enjoy eating.

65. Crunchy Potatoes

These potatoes are roasted to crunchy perfection and offer a nice crispy flavor. Add some chopped bacon bits with cheese.

66. Goat Cheese with Marinated Olives

You can make these the night before so that the cheese infuses together with the garlic, spices, and lemon zest. Add veggies or crostini and you have a creamy dip.

67. Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

When you grill the shrimp, it adds a nice char to the cocktail and the horseradish gives a nice punch. When you can’t grill, you can roast the shrimp.

68. Parmesan-Chive Chips

Have a bag of chips ready as you sprinkle some chives and parmesan on top.

Get Started On Your Festive Christmas Snacks Today

While there are many different snacks perfect for the big day, the snack ideas above will surely provide a tasty foundation prior to sitting down for Christmas dinner. Each one is easy to prepare so that you can have everything done before guests arrive.