3 Ayurvedic Recipes

Those who practice Ayurvedic diets know the importance and health benefits of it.

With that said, we’d like to present you 3 fantastic Ayurvedic recipes.

1. Wild Rice Bowl

Take a look at this amazing Ayurvedic recipe that balances all six tastes. This rice bowl consists of mashed roasted beets, beet green salad, baked broccoli, avocado and walnut pate.

Wild rice bowl ayurvedic recipe

2. Thai Curry Bowl

Thai cooking is fantastic, for all those who love exotic food. This dish is perfect for that. Sauces, coconut, spices and ginger.

Thai curry bowl ayurvedic recipe pin

3. Chickpea Soup

Soups are perfect for cleansing the body of all toxins. They help with digestion and are nourishing and soothing too. Here is a fantastic Ayurvedic soup recipe with chickpeas that will soothe your appetite nicely.

Chickpea soup pin