Herbal Teas with Amazing Health Benefits are recently being sought after by people not only because they are very relaxing, but also for, well, health benefits of course.

Herbal teas are different from true teas. True Teas are the Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, and Oolong Tea. While Herbal Teas are made from the decoction or infusion of herbs, spices, flowers and other plants in hot water. However, true teas are also being used to prepare Herbal Teas as well. And because there are so many plants, hence, it is not surprising that there are so many herbal teas as well along with their amazing health benefits.

With every different combination, herbal teas have their own special health benefits as well. In fact, most of these concoctions were used for healing in the old days and even until today.

Health Benefits of Herbal Teas are:

  • Fights the Cold
  • Improves Digestion
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Anti-aging
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  •  Great for Skin Health

Definitely there are hundreds, and below are just 20 of those Herbal Teas with Amazing Health Benefits and so easy to prepare, too.

1. Energy Herbal Tea

With just combinations of some loose green tea leaves, rosemary and some nutmeg and may add honey too, if you like, you can certainly create this Energy Herbal Tea very easily and inexpensively. You can find the complete recipe here.

Herbal teas with amazing health benefits energy herbal tea and anti inflammatory weight loss te

2. Anti-Inflammatory Weight-Loss Tea

Just combine equal amounts of Dried hibiscus flowers, Dried ginger root, Organic dried willow bark, Organic dried dandelion leaf, and High Mallow (Malva sylvestris) and you will have this wonderful Anti-inflammatory Weight-loss tea as a result. You can find the complete recipe here

3. Banana Tea

Certainly, this tea can help you sleep better. With combinations of raw bananas, some hot water and an option to include cinnamon, this is definitely as good as a sleeping pill, healthier version. Check the recipe here.

Herbal teas with amazing health benefits banana tea and chamomile turmeric evening tea

4. Chamomile and Turmeric Evening Tea

This tea is indeed great for calming effect after a hard day’s work or just wanted to relax before going to sleep. With combinations of chamomile tea, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon with options of pepper and raw honey you will surely feel relaxed. Learn further and can get the recipe here,

5. Herbal Floral Tea

For this Tea, the flowers Chrysanthemum, Rosebuds and Osmanthus were used with white tea, black tea, and green tea. This scented herbal floral tea is very popular in China not only for its sweet scents when defused but they are also good for the immune system, indeed one of the herbal teas with amazing health benefits.  Read further about these teas and how to make them here.

Herbal teas with amazing health benefits herbal floral tea and herbal chai tea

6. Herbal Chai Tea – Remedy for Sore Throat and Colds

Definitely will kick out your sore throat and colds with this Herbal Chai Tea. These powerful ingredients, namely, ginger, curry leaves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, black pepper, and cloves combined together will surely give you the healing benefits. Moreover, most of them are already available in your kitchen and also readily available and easy to find in the markets. You can check the recipe here.

7. Herbal Tea for Allergies

With the combinations of rooibos peppermint tea, nettle tea, yerba mate and lemon balm will surely deal with those pesky allergies which seem to creep up whenever we least expect it.  Another of these herbal teas with amazing health benefits. To know more about these teas and the recipe, check here

Herbal teas with amazing health benefits herbal tea for allergies and apple fig herbal tea

8. Apple Fig Herbal Tea

Combining apple and dried fig will surely mean that they are deliciously sweet. You may also include some lemon wedge, cinnamon stick and honey if you like, this Apple Fig Herbal tea would be lovely to drink any time of the day which is very soothing and sweet, as well as good for bones and digestive system and at the same time has a very relaxing effect. You may get the recipe here.

9. Weight Loss Green Tea

Are you trying to lose weight? Then, this Weight Loss Green Tea is perfect for you. Certain chemicals in green tea called polyphenols and, more specifically, the catechinsmay boost metabolism and help burn fat. In addition, lemon may also act as a natural appetite suppressant, while it also helps improve the taste. To learn further about this tea, check the details and recipe here.

Weight loss green tea and cinnamon sleep tonic

10. Cinnamon Sleep Tonic

Her is another tea that indeed will make you relax and sleep better. with the combination of cinnamon sticks, all-spice berries, cloves, bay leaves, some ginger, and several cups of water. You may add some pepper if you wish, surely you’ll get a calming effect and soon you’ll get to sleep. You may check the recipe here.

11. Licorice Root Tea

Licorice Root Tea is very popular and has been used for years in Chinese Medicine to treat many conditions, however, most are Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Ingredients include, of course, Licorice Root, Cinnamon Stick, slices of ginger root and several cups of water. To know further its health benefits and recipe, visit this site.Licorice root tea and honey ginger tea

12. Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

Indeed, an all-time favorite Honey Lemon Ginger Tea great for the sore or itchy throat, and very easy to find ingredients. Just some fresh ginger, lemon juice, some honey, and of course water, are all you need. For recipe and variations, check here.

13. Green Tea

As we all know, Green Tea has many health benefits, besides that it can help with weight-reducing, this will also boost your immune system. This healthy  Green Tea has three simple brewing method that you can learn perfectly. You may further check here.

Green tea and goji detox tea

14. Goji Detox Tea

Some of you may not have heard Goji Berry, but just like other berries, this fruit is very nutritious and is an excellent source of anti-oxidant as well. Combining Goji berry with Ginger, turmeric, some lemons will be an amazing detox tea. Learn more about how to make the tea here;

15. Mint Tea

Many love Mint Tea for its delicious and refreshing smell. It is also known to aid indigestions and stress and other great health benefits. All you need are newly boiled water and some sprigs of fresh mint and you’ll have this really nice Mint Tea. To further learn about this tea, check here.

Mint tea and cranberry spice tea

16. Cranberry Spice Tea

Cranberries are known for their detoxifying properties. With its anti-oxidant properties with Vitamin C makes it very soothing to fight colds and even detoxify. Furthermore, to ass raw honey, some ginger, lemon, cinnamon sticks, some goji berries and with rooibos or black tea makes a wonderful herbal tea with amazing health benefits. Check the full recipes here.

17. Spiced Hibiscus Tea aka Zobo

Spiced Hibiscus Tea also known as Zobo is a Nigerian drink that is more popular in the northern parts of the country with the Hausa. However, the drink has become very popular all over the country and is also known for many health benefits such as helping to lower blood pressure. Combining with dried hibiscus with some pineapple, cloves, ginger, and cloves make a tasty colorful healthy tea, Check how to make one here.

Spiced hibiscus tea and love yourself beautiful herbal tea

18. ‘Love Yourself Beautiful’ Herbal Tea

It was named ‘Love Yourself Beautiful’ Herbal Tea because it is al about the preparations that need your time to select and process it. With the ingredients, licorice roots, cardamom pods, fennel seeds and dried rose petals infused in some hot water brings those sweet aromas that give a relaxing feeling. To learn how to prepare, check the link here.

19. Herbal Tea Blends

The name Herbal Tea Blends already suggested it. which is a blend of dried peppermint leaves, dried lavender buds, dried chamomile flowers, some lemons, and fresh ginger. This has 5 ways to prepare. Learn further how to blend them here.

Herbal tea blends and detox turmeric green tea

20. Detox Turmeric Green Tea

Just the Green Tea is already packed with antioxidant and aid in weight loss, and Turmeric is said to be an anti-inflammatory, thus combining them together with cinnamon powder in water, the served hot or cold, you’ll have this ultimate detoxification. To learn more about how to prepare the tea, check here.

Have you tried one of the teas? Surely you’ll find your favorite among them. And don’t forget to Pin them in your Pinterest Board to get back easily. Share them with your friends as well.


Disclaimer: These Herbal Teas are not the alternate to your Doctor’s medication. These are home remedies that have been used by many people and believed to have those mentioned effects. On the other hand, the healing effects may have been due to the health benefits that are present in each ingredient and the outcome differs from one person to another.

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