What are organic hot dogs made of?

However, there is a difference between natural hot dogs and traditional franks. Natural hot dogs cannot contain synthetic nitrates or nitrites as remedies. Instead, they must use natural sources of nitrate or nitrite, such as celery powder, to maintain the pink color of the meat and limit bacterial growth. Grass-fed, organic hot dogs with uncured beef, made from cattle that

were raised exclusively to be vegetarian.

No antibiotics and no added nitrates or nitrites, except those that occur naturally in sea salt. Organic prairie dogs are made from organic, 100% grass-fed beef. Just like Organic Valley (the parent company of Organic Prairie), this brand is a cooperative of farmers who are passionate about raising animals in the most sustainable way possible. With these incredible options, you’ll never have to resort to highly processed hot dogs made from factory-farmed animals again


Processed meats such as bacon, charcuterie, sausages, and hot dogs get their smoky flavor in part from nitrates and nitrites, preservatives that are added during the aging process. I was standing in front of the hot dog section of my grocery store recently, and the options overwhelmed me. However, natural hot dogs still have all the other problems associated with conventional meat production, such as the overuse of antibiotics, the use of growth hormones, the use of feed grown with pesticides, the inhumane treatment and husbandry of animals, and severe environmental damage