Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

   Do you know the expression without salt and pepper? Well, you certainly don’t want to talk about your kitchen like that, especially when it comes to spices.

From classic salt shakers to grinders, the design of seasoning products varies more and more and, at the same time, their usefulness.

If you like to cook, you will definitely like to have accessories for preparing special dishes. Here is a list of 5 accessories that you will find this spring at discount on Amazon.

Dressing container with brush and pipette

You’re probably wondering why it’s at the top of our list of preferences. Because the right spicy food is always tasty. You can use the container to prepare a dressing, sauce or marinade, then with a brush or pipette you can grease the preparation, and if there is too much, you can store the dressing in the same container without having to soil other dishes. What’s more, it is graduated so that you can use the necessary amounts of fluids correctly. The container is made of borosilicate glass, and the brush and lid are made of silicone. You can find dressing ideas and recipes on

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Graters for vegetables, parmesan and chocolate

If you are a fan of salads and pastas, then the 3 graters from Brabantia from the Tasty Colors range will become your favorites. The graters are on colors, and each color corresponds to a function. The blue one is for vegetables, fruits and coarse grated, the yellow one for chocolate, parmesan or other harder ingredients, while the red grater is fine and you can use it for nutmeg, ginger or other spices. A plus for this grater: it can be washed in the dishwasher and has a transparent cover for protection.

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Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Garlic press with 3 blades

From the series of gadgets you really have to have – the garlic press is, as they say, a must, especially if you go crazy for garlic. Pasta, sauce, salad, puree, soups are just some of the recipes in which you can use this ingredient declared healthy by almost all nutritionists. And a good garlic press will make a difference. Are you annoyed by the garlic presses that don’t get the best out of it? Or the ones that are hard to clean? This Ibili model comes with 3 stainless steel blades that allow you to slice or crush the garlic as well as possible.

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Foldable multifunctional grater

Fan salad? Perfect! How about a grater that slices tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables perfectly? Equipped with finger protection, foldable, easy to use on the worktop or even above the bowl in which you make the salad, the Chef’n grater will become your ally in terms of quick recipes. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Stainless steel spice holder with 7 jars

For the fifth place I oscillated between a special grater for cheese and the spice support from Brabantia, and the latter came out the winner. And now let’s argue why. Spices should not be missing from your kitchen for seasoning food. Rosemary, basil, ginger, etc. they give flavor to food. The Brabantia support has an elegant, practical and durable design. The product has a 10-year warranty. The containers are made of glass and the lid can be used as a unit of measurement. You can also choose whether to attach it to the wall or keep it on the worktop, handy.

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Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Did you like our selection? What are the accessories you can’t do without in the kitchen? Write to us! Your opinion matters.