Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Feast on These Classic Hits!

Ah, Thanksgiving, that lovely time of year when we gather around the table with family, friends, and stretchy pants. It’s a magical feast that brings everyone together, and let’s be honest – while the turkey gets all the glory, it’s the side dishes that truly steal the show. From sweet potatoes to green beans and everything in between, sides are the unsung heroes of our festive meal, providing comfort, awesomeness, and plenty of leftovers. Let’s discuss the top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes.

In this article, we’ll be celebrating the top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes that make this holiday truly scrumptious. These sidekicks bring flavor, texture, and color to your Thanksgiving spread, ensuring that every forkful is a delectable masterpiece. And who knows, one of these mouthwatering sides might just upstage old Tom Turkey himself!

So, buckle up your taste buds and join us on this gastronomical journey through the best of Thanksgiving sides. Whether you’re a classic mashed potato enthusiast or a daring culinary adventurer, there’s something to please everyone’s palate on this scrumptious list. Let’s get cooking!

My (Not Yours) Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

#1 Homemade Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes and gravy

First up, mashed potatoes! A silky confection whipped up from potatoes, butter, a dash of salt, and a smidgen of pepper. Let’s face it, mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple. Some folks go wild and jazz theirs up with sour cream, chives, or even rosemary. No need for any store-bought nonsense; these creamy, delightful mashed potatoes are homemade goodness at its finest.

#2 Stuffing (Out of the Bird Only)

Moving on, to stuffing—and not just any stuffing. We’re talking about the kind that’s only cooked outside of the bird. Due to its humorous placement, in-the-bird stuffing can be controversial! These seasoned breadcrumbs, mingled with sausage and herbs, baked to a delightful golden crisp, are the ultimate holiday bite—sans the bird-shaped vessel, of course.

#3 Sweet Potatoes

Oh, sweet potatoes! No, not the casserole full of marshmallows, staring at you like a sugary abyss. We refer to the elegant, understated, ridiculously scrumptious hasselback sweet potatoes lavished with butter, salt, and a hint of rosemary. They grace the plate with their noble presence like a Thanksgiving side dish dream come true.

#4 Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

Prepare for the heavenly taste of deviled eggs. Boiled to perfection and halved, with a whipped, seasoned egg-yolk filling, these delicious bites remind us all that Thanksgiving can be a bit mischievous—and it’s completely acceptable to indulge.

Also, I hate it for you that you can’t try my mother’s deviled eggs.

#5 Cornbread Casserole

Next up, a concoction featuring cornbread—the unassuming southern belle that visits Thanksgiving soirees as a cornbread casserole. Warm, moist cornbread enveloping a delightful medley of creamed corn and cheddar cheese, it’s a dance for the taste buds that’s utterly irresistible.

#6 Cranberry Sauce

Look to the tart, vibrant companion of the turkey, cranberry sauce. Say farewell to the cylindrical glittering mass with the commitment of a well-used air-hockey puck. Embrace fresh, zesty cranberries stewed to perfection, complementing the feast with aplomb.

Many will strongly disagree with this addition to the list, but that’s okay because this is my list, remember?

#7 Fresh Baked Rolls

fresh baked rolls

Arriving fresh from the oven, buttercream biscuits make their stunning entrance. Light, fluffy rolls layered with soft buttercream emerge piping hot and irresistible. Could the scene be any more picturesque? Your taste buds say no.

#8 Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is the understudy longing for center stage in the Thanksgiving performance. Though often overlooked, this symphony of green beans, creamy sauce, and crispy onions deserves its rightful place in the gastronomic lore of holiday feasting.

#9 Broccoli Casserole

cues dramatic music Introducing the utterly euphonious broccoli casserole! Bound by a tapestry of melted cheese and steamed vegetable delights, this side dish emerges from obscurity, championing itself as an underdog contender in Thanksgiving side dish rankings.

#10 Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie

Last but not least, the almighty pumpkin pie—the grand finale! Dishes have been cleared, belts loosened, but the battle is not over. The velvety pumpkin filling and golden-brown crust dance before the eyes, demanding a slice be enjoyed to cap off the celebration. Yes, a dessert so good, it’s making its mark among side dishes

Just Missed the Cut

Some side dishes are undeniably delicious, but they just didn’t make it into the top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes. These contenders, however, deserve an honorable mention.

Beets and Pickled Eggs

Dazzling in its vibrant color coordination, beets and pickled eggs make for a visually striking side dish. It’s a polarizing choice, but for those beet enthusiasts, they’ll eagerly chomp down on this slightly tangy concoction. However, this combination can have the same effect as a “You’ve got something on your teeth” statement at the dinner table – funny but not for everyone. You’re most likely not going to have to fight many people over these.

Corn Casserole

One word: corn-fusing. Corn casserole combines the succulent sweetness of corn with the hearty, savory goodness of a casserole. Some vouch for its rightful inclusion within the list of Thanksgiving’s top dishes, while others are left scratching their heads at how this dish even ranks at all. But there’s no denying that it at least started to pave its way into side dish royalty, only to be bested by cornbread and other corn-based dishes.

Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

Sweet and savory dishes are a Thanksgiving staple, and brown sugar glazed carrots aim for that sacred balance. These glistening, sticky gems of the vegetable kingdom offer a taste bud-teasing mixture of flavors, leaving guests contemplative and intrigued. However, the dish’s placement on this list could be seen as a carrot on a stick – close but not quite there.

Scalloped Potatoes

Ah, scalloped potatoes. The layers upon layers of thinly sliced potatoes, smothered in cheese and rich cream, bake to create a harmonious blend of texture and flavor. Scalloped potatoes, though doubtlessly delectable, might be accused of playing it safe at a time when everyone wants to go big or go home (probably to nap off that food coma). As lovely as this dish may be, it just can’t compete with a certain queen of creamy – the traditional Thanksgiving favorite of mashed potatoes.

These dishes tried their best but didn’t quite earn their spot at the forefront of the Thanksgiving table. They stand like eager understudies, ready to graciously accept the role of “recently promoted” should the moment present itself.

Not Even Close

While Thanksgiving is a time to indulge in delicious and decadent side dishes, there are a few options that simply don’t hit the mark when it comes to contributing to that perfect Thanksgiving feast. In this section, we shake our heads at the less-than-stellar side dishes that are better left off the Thanksgiving table.

Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese

Mac and cheese, a comforting classic known to please both kids and adults, finds itself in the unfortunate position of being out of place as a Thanksgiving side. As scrumptious as this creamy dish may be, you won’t find this at MY Thanksgiving. Not to worry, mac and cheese lovers, you have 364 other days of the year to obsess over this dish.

Anything Cauliflower

Cauliflower has gained popularity in recent years, primarily due to its versatility in fitting into various diets. Though it may be a trendy vegetable, “anything cauliflower” should be left off the Thanksgiving menu. Cauliflower rice, for example, pales in comparison to the time-honored stuffing. And while a cauliflower gratin is a valiant effort of reimagining cauliflower, it isn’t as tempting as traditional potato-based dishes. Let us all appreciate the versatility of mild-flavored cauliflower, but give it a day off during Thanksgiving.

Any Type of Pasta

Listen, I love pasta. I eat pasta as much as anyone I know. Pasta may have its appeal as an everyday comfort food, but not on Thanksgiving. As the table groans with delightfully rich and indulgent dishes, pasta finds itself relegated to the sidelines, unable to bring anything remarkable or seasonal to the feast. So, it’s best to save that delectable pasta dish for another occasion, allowing the more traditional Thanksgiving sides to take center stage.

In summary, while these dishes can be delicious in their own right, they struggle to hold a place among the most cherished Thanksgiving side dishes. Allowing the traditional sides to shine will create a more harmonious and festive feast.

Conclusion – We Love What We Love

In conclusion, everyone has their own favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, and they all contribute to the laughter, joy, and family bonding that makes this holiday so special. So, go ahead and pile up your plates (even if it’s mostly mac and cheese), and enjoy the flavors and fun that are unique to your Thanksgiving table.