Which hot dogs have no nitrates?

So what do you want from your hot dog? Some brands sell uncured hot dogs (sometimes without added nitrates), which are easier and more natural than nitrate-filled dogs. Also keep an eye out for hot dogs that contain more than 400 milligrams of sodium, which is almost a third of your recommended daily limit, and … Read more

What are organic hot dogs made of?

However, there is a difference between natural hot dogs and traditional franks. Natural hot dogs cannot contain synthetic nitrates or nitrites as remedies. Instead, they must use natural sources of nitrate or nitrite, such as celery powder, to maintain the pink color of the meat and limit bacterial growth. Grass-fed, organic hot dogs with uncured … Read more

Are organic hot dogs healthier?

Organic hot dogs use meat that has been raised in a species-appropriate manner and fed with certified organic grain or grass.. Organic meat is also free from the hormones and pesticides commonly used in conventional agriculture, making it better for you and the environment.. Organic Valley organic hot dogs with uncured grass-fed beef contain no … Read more