Reba McEntire Reveals Her Surprising ‘Final Meal’

Recently, Reba McEntire, the esteemed country musician and newly minted coach on The Voice, engaged with her audience in an interactive session.

During this lively exchange on social media, facilitated by Country Music Television, McEntire took on various questions from her fans.

Notably, she was presented with an intriguing question concerning her hypothetical final meal choice. With a sense of immediate recognition and visible excitement, McEntire responded to the prompt, which was something she was very passionate about.

“Sonic #1 cheeseburger,” McEntire confidently stated. “No onions,” before adding “ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles and tater tots” to the proverbial final order.

No shocker here—she’s all about Sonic’s tater tots, calling them “absolutely wonderful.” I mean, come on, who wouldn’t? Tater tots are little bites of heaven and a cheeseburger? A match made in heaven. We’re totally on Team Reba with this one. Just throw in a milkshake and a fizzy Coke, and boom, you’ve got the dream meal!

Her love of the color green was also evident as it sparked joy upon seeing the card from which the question was drawn. This revelation provided an insightful glimpse into the star’s personal preferences and further connected her with her admirers.