Light Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Everyone is talking about this holiday season and what to bring to the table, especially on Christmas!

But, since you’ll probably be getting up early, bright and happy, you’d want a good meal to start the day, right?

How about some light Christmas recipes you can make for breakfast, but prepare them the night before!

Amazing, yes?

Well, dive in and take a look at these 5 light breakfast ideas:

Paleo Coffee Cake

The perfect comfort food and a great way to start the day. This cake is grain free, gluten and dairy-free, and the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee.

Paleo coffee cake muffins 600x400

Croissant Sandwiches

Next, we have some delicious croissant sandwiches you can make the night before. All that’s left is to microwave them and enjoy!

Croissant sandwiches 600x400

Classic Falafel

Is there anything more to say? The classic Falafel can be the perfect choice, especially for vegetarians.

Classic falafel 3 600x400

Whole30 Chicken Salad

You can use grapes or dried cranberries and nuts, but you are not allowed to use diary in Whole30 recipes, so instead of using Greek yogurt!

Whole30 chicken salad 600x400

Vegetarian Power Bowls

It’s delicious and a real energy booster. It really is an amazing vegetarian dish.

Egg power bowl 600x400

Christmas couldn’t get any better, right? With these 5 recipes, you’ll surely make no mistake.

Happy holidays everyone!