Kitchen Tools Review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

Because we want to keep our promise to offer our customers only premium products, we tried the products from the Amazon store. We chose 4 of our favorite kitchen gadgets and tested their quality and functionality. The conclusion? These kitchen gadgets should not be missing from your daily routine of preparing your favorite culinary specialties!

1. Green scissors

Green scissors are our favorite. In addition, it is among the most popular kitchen gadgets in the world. We were not satisfied with the pictures provided by Brabantia and we discovered for ourselves what it is like to fall in love with green scissors from the first use.

Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

Who doesn’t use dill or larch to flavor the soup? Do you know that for the tabouleh salad you have to chop 3 bundles of parsley? And let’s not forget that you have to put mint as well. Why chop so much greenery with a knife? With the scissors from Brabant, everything becomes child’s play.


Because it is the season of fresh vegetables, green onions are the star of the season. Green onions successfully replace dried onions in seasonal salads and even in cooked dishes. We also chopped green onions and our thoughts were already flying to a cool salad of fresh vegetables.

  1. Manual vegetable chopper

    I caught the thought of a housewife in flight: “I’m going shopping. My family wants chicken soup. It would be so simple if I didn’t have to prepare the vegetables. ” Chopping vegetables takes quite a long time and, in the end, your knife finger definitely hurts. Personally, I don’t like to chop onions. And, hardened onions are the basis for most dishes.


    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home
    The manual vegetable chopper was a real revelation. In a few seconds I got chopped onions for my favorite pasta sauce. And not only for onions, the mincer is very useful. All the vegetable soup can be chopped quickly. All you have to do is cut the vegetables into pieces, put them in the mincer and operate the blades depending on how finely chopped you want the vegetables to be.

    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

    We prepared a mini vegetable and used onions, tomatoes, peppers and carrots. The chopper does just as well with celery or parsnips. As they say, pull the string and the vegetables are ready chopped.

  1. Cheese grater

    Our supplier Moha has accustomed us to kitchen gadgets with practical features that we may not miss; that is until we try them and realize that we can do some things easier. The Molino cheese grater is one of them.

    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

    If we are still thinking of a summer salad made of fresh vegetables, we add a fresh dressing with lemon juice and a few thin slices of Parmesan cheese. The special taste of Parmesan is perfectly intertwined with the crunchy consistency of fresh vegetables. In order not to bother with a classic grater, the solution is the grater for Molino cheese.

    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

    With a few movements you get the perfect strips to season your salad. Let’s not forget the pasta lovers either. Put the blade for fine scraping and add a generous layer of cheese over the pasta. You can grate the cheese directly over your favorite dishes, without soiling another grater and another container in which to collect the grated cheese.

  1. Popular kitchen gadgets – Mandoline grater

    We stay in the area of fresh spring vegetables and get acquainted with a very famous kitchen gadget: the mandolin grater. In addition, this grater comes with a large bowl with a lid that you can use to prepare the salad directly in it. The grater is fixed on the bowl and is ready to be used.


    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home
    You can easily slice any type of vegetable and you can choose the type of cut, fine, medium or coarse. You can also grate onions, carrots or cabbage and get vegetables which you then mix directly into the bowl. If you have many guests at the table and you have to make a big salad, the mandolin grater will make your work easier.

Without using the knife at all, quickly slice all the vegetables and then, with the cheese accessory, add a delicious topping of seasonal cheeses. In addition, with the straw potato cutting accessory you will get perfectly cut potatoes for frying.

Which of the 4 kitchen gadgets is your favorite?