Kitchen advices

Kitchen advices

How to arrange dining table for dinner -rules and advices

When we sit down at a dining table, the first thing we usually do is examine all the cutlery like a doctor preparing for an operation and has to make sure that he is not missing any tools. Whether we are guests or hosts, we must know very well the rules for arranging the table, so as never to fail. The cutlery must always be placed before the guests arrive, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

To prove that we are a caring host, we must not put more than two forks and two knives at the beginning of the meal, because the large number of cutlery can be intimidating and can be confusing and also load the table unnecessarily.

Rule 1: Space must be used efficiently

If we talked about how we should be careful not to load the table unnecessarily, the first rule in arranging the table is to use the space efficiently. This means choosing the size of the plates according to the size of the table, in order to fit harmoniously into the available space.

Our recommendation: A simple tablecloth, but special due to the lace insert, which gives it an elegant air.  You can find it in amazon stores with a 25% discount, the price being 25$

How to arrange dining table for dinner -rules and advices

Rule 2: Seated first: plates

Once we are sure that the chosen plates will fit perfectly in the space, we must also be careful how we place them. The first are the basic plates, the flat plates on which the plates for the first dish are placed. They should be placed 1-2 cm from the edge of the table, and there should be a distance of 50-60 cm between them. The first ones placed are the plates, because we can also use them as a benchmark for positioning the other elements. As an example, we will put the glasses to the right of the basic plate.

Rule 3: Cutlery and napkins: arranged according to the edge of the table

The cutlery is arranged in the order in which the dishes will be served. The forks are always on the left side of the plate, and the knives and spoons on the right, the only exceptions to the rule being the dessert knife, which will be placed in front of the basic plate, with the handle on the right side and the edge towards the plate and the dessert fork. , which will be placed with the handle on the left. The cutlery should be aligned according to the edge of the table, the distance being 1-2 cm to the handle, on the same line as the edge of the plate.

The napkins will be placed to the left of the forks or will be caught or wrapped in a decorative way, and will be placed right on the basic plate.

Our recommendation: The set of 24 Jewel cutlery contains six teaspoons, six tablespoons, six forks and six knives. It is made of stainless steel and has a glossy finish.

How to arrange dining table for dinner -rules and advices

You can find it in Amazon stores with a 15% discount, the price being 130$

The rule regarding the positioning of the glasses is simple: they are placed on top of the knives. Align obliquely, to the left, starting with the smallest (glass of water) and ending with the largest (glass of wine).

Our recommendation: The set of 18 glasses for water, wine and champagne is ideal to exist in any home. You can find it in Ebay stores with a 20% discount, the price being 20$.


5 kitchen gadgets and equipment you must – have

The utensils and accessories we use in the kitchen make our lives easier. Whether it is accessories for cooking or serving food, they are a reliable help. Many of the stages of preparing food ingredients can take a long time and some actions, such as opening jars or straining pasta, can make it difficult for you. The desire to streamline these processes has led to the emergence of a category of products, kitchen gadgets, designed to facilitate any action in the kitchen.

The Diqis online store offers you 5 gadgets that will turn food preparation into a game, you will spend less time in the kitchen and you will enjoy the company of your loved ones more.

5 kitchen gadgets and equipment you must – have

Is Italy your favorite destination? Are you passionate about Italian pasta of all kinds and do you like to prepare it at home? Prepare your favorite sauce, season it properly, and the flexible strainer takes care of the pasta. You do not have to struggle with the lid to strain the water in which the pasta was boiled or to use another strainer. Just attach the flexible strainer to the pot and strain them. The strainer is perfectly secured to the edge of the pot. In a few seconds the pasta is strained and ready to be served with the delicious sauce you have prepared.

5 kitchen gadgets and equipment you must – have

But what about pasta without a few strips of parmesan? We know that grating cheese on a classic grater is not an easy process, so the cheese grater will take care of everything. With two interchangeable stainless steel blades you can get finely grated cheese or thin slices of parmesan for your pasta. In fact, you can always add a little grated cheese over your tasty portion of food. And it’s very simple to use: insert a piece of cheese and turn.

5 kitchen gadgets and equipment you must – have

How about a 5 in 1 accessory for your kitchen? Opening jars and cans can be difficult, but the multifunctional opener will help you. You will immediately fall in love with the 5 functions of the opener. First of all, it will help you release the vacuum of the jars and open the can without a key. Because women are careful with their nails, the opener helps you even in the case of canned rings. Moreover, you can open bottles of beer or juice and even PET lids.

Do you want to prepare a salad of vegetables or fruits or chop vegetables for your family’s favorite soup? Forget the classic chopping knife or the complicated kitchen robots and choose a manual vegetable chopper. Without using electricity, in a few moments you will cut, chop and mix the vegetables or fruits. It is very easy to use: operate the mobile handle depending on how finely you want to chop the vegetables. Your salad is ready!

5 kitchen gadgets and equipment you must – have

What dessert can you choose for your guests on a hot summer day? A cup of assorted ice cream. Whether you prepare it yourself or buy it from the store, the form of presentation is very important. Get the perfect ice cream balls with the Magic Ice spoon. It is provided with a non-stick coating and the globes will come off easily and remain intact. For extra originality, add some perfect melon globes. Delicious, right?

5 kitchen gadgets and equipment you must – have

For even more practical gadgets for your kitchen visit our pinterest page.

The pleasure of dining with loved ones -tableware for lunch and dinner

Constantly present in our lives and indispensable, cutlery finds its place of honor in the kitchen drawer and eagerly awaits to be used at every table. I challenge you, without going beyond the boundaries of the kitchen, to a series of decorative ideas made with the help of spoons and forks.

The pleasure of dining with loved ones -tableware for lunch and dinner

Tableware for lunch and dinner designs

Amefa offers a wide range of stainless steel cutlery of the highest quality, with models adapted to new trends. The brand has an international reputation, with extensive experience in the manufacture of stainless steel products. The manufacturing process meets the highest production standards, and the result gives us the guarantee of durable products with long performance.

  •   Cheer up your family meal with boldly colored cutlery, using enamel spray (recommended by the author of the tutorial).
  • Attach some forks, to which you bend 2 of the 4 teeth, a magnet and turn them into fridge magnets only good for leaving messages to your loved ones.A special table usually does not lack decorative candles. With the help of a cleverly bent fork and a plate to support this support, you will create a less common accessory.
  • For a well-lit kitchen, use a kitchen cutlery as a support to support the curtain.
  • Give a new look to the cabinets by changing their handles, using older spoons or forks with an interesting design. A drill and two screws and you’re done!
  • Replace the classic cupboard, glasses and plates with an ad-hoc support made of a few pieces of wood and spoons! Kitchen gloves, apron and towels find their place on a less common hanger. The cutlery is bent using a hammer and a cylinder, after which they take the desired shape
  • Spoons can easily become ice cream sticks, and the arrangement is perfect for a party on hot days!
  • The last idea I want to present to you also seemed to me the one I would have thought of the least and which requires the most work – a chandelier decorated with spoons!

The pleasure of dining with loved ones -tableware for lunch and dinner
In addition to the fact that they have special models and fine lines, modern and very precise, but also ergonomic handles, Amefa cutlery are made of quality materials that meet food standards: 18/0 stainless steel or 18/0 stainless steel, depending on the model. This means that they are resistant to corrosion. Specifications 18/0 and 18/10 refer to the percentages of chromium and nickel present in the composition of stainless steel. Chromium ensures the hardness of the products, and nickel ensures their corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel 18/10 = 18% chromium + 10% nickel
Stainless steel 18/0 = 18% chromium + 0% nickel

Also, Amefa cutlery, being extremely resistant and durable, can be cleaned in the dishwasher and can be used daily, but also for events.

Conclusion about Amefa cutlery

Because we want to offer only the best quality products to our customers, Amefa is our permanent choice when it comes to cutlery. That is why we recommend the Amefa brand for both individual cutlery and cutlery sets.

Arrange the table elegantly no matter the occasion!


Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

   Do you know the expression without salt and pepper? Well, you certainly don’t want to talk about your kitchen like that, especially when it comes to spices.

From classic salt shakers to grinders, the design of seasoning products varies more and more and, at the same time, their usefulness.

If you like to cook, you will definitely like to have accessories for preparing special dishes. Here is a list of 5 accessories that you will find this spring at discount on Amazon.

Dressing container with brush and pipette

You’re probably wondering why it’s at the top of our list of preferences. Because the right spicy food is always tasty. You can use the container to prepare a dressing, sauce or marinade, then with a brush or pipette you can grease the preparation, and if there is too much, you can store the dressing in the same container without having to soil other dishes. What’s more, it is graduated so that you can use the necessary amounts of fluids correctly. The container is made of borosilicate glass, and the brush and lid are made of silicone. You can find dressing ideas and recipes on

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Graters for vegetables, parmesan and chocolate

If you are a fan of salads and pastas, then the 3 graters from Brabantia from the Tasty Colors range will become your favorites. The graters are on colors, and each color corresponds to a function. The blue one is for vegetables, fruits and coarse grated, the yellow one for chocolate, parmesan or other harder ingredients, while the red grater is fine and you can use it for nutmeg, ginger or other spices. A plus for this grater: it can be washed in the dishwasher and has a transparent cover for protection.

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Garlic press with 3 blades

From the series of gadgets you really have to have – the garlic press is, as they say, a must, especially if you go crazy for garlic. Pasta, sauce, salad, puree, soups are just some of the recipes in which you can use this ingredient declared healthy by almost all nutritionists. And a good garlic press will make a difference. Are you annoyed by the garlic presses that don’t get the best out of it? Or the ones that are hard to clean? This Ibili model comes with 3 stainless steel blades that allow you to slice or crush the garlic as well as possible.

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Foldable multifunctional grater

Fan salad? Perfect! How about a grater that slices tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables perfectly? Equipped with finger protection, foldable, easy to use on the worktop or even above the bowl in which you make the salad, the Chef’n grater will become your ally in terms of quick recipes. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Stainless steel spice holder with 7 jars

For the fifth place I oscillated between a special grater for cheese and the spice support from Brabantia, and the latter came out the winner. And now let’s argue why. Spices should not be missing from your kitchen for seasoning food. Rosemary, basil, ginger, etc. they give flavor to food. The Brabantia support has an elegant, practical and durable design. The product has a 10-year warranty. The containers are made of glass and the lid can be used as a unit of measurement. You can also choose whether to attach it to the wall or keep it on the worktop, handy.

Top 5 spicery accessories you need in the kitchen

Did you like our selection? What are the accessories you can’t do without in the kitchen? Write to us! Your opinion matters.

Kitchen Tools Review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

Because we want to keep our promise to offer our customers only premium products, we tried the products from the Amazon store. We chose 4 of our favorite kitchen gadgets and tested their quality and functionality. The conclusion? These kitchen gadgets should not be missing from your daily routine of preparing your favorite culinary specialties!

1. Green scissors

Green scissors are our favorite. In addition, it is among the most popular kitchen gadgets in the world. We were not satisfied with the pictures provided by Brabantia and we discovered for ourselves what it is like to fall in love with green scissors from the first use.

Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

Who doesn’t use dill or larch to flavor the soup? Do you know that for the tabouleh salad you have to chop 3 bundles of parsley? And let’s not forget that you have to put mint as well. Why chop so much greenery with a knife? With the scissors from Brabant, everything becomes child’s play.


Because it is the season of fresh vegetables, green onions are the star of the season. Green onions successfully replace dried onions in seasonal salads and even in cooked dishes. We also chopped green onions and our thoughts were already flying to a cool salad of fresh vegetables.

  1. Manual vegetable chopper

    I caught the thought of a housewife in flight: “I’m going shopping. My family wants chicken soup. It would be so simple if I didn’t have to prepare the vegetables. ” Chopping vegetables takes quite a long time and, in the end, your knife finger definitely hurts. Personally, I don’t like to chop onions. And, hardened onions are the basis for most dishes.


    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home
    The manual vegetable chopper was a real revelation. In a few seconds I got chopped onions for my favorite pasta sauce. And not only for onions, the mincer is very useful. All the vegetable soup can be chopped quickly. All you have to do is cut the vegetables into pieces, put them in the mincer and operate the blades depending on how finely chopped you want the vegetables to be.

    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

    We prepared a mini vegetable and used onions, tomatoes, peppers and carrots. The chopper does just as well with celery or parsnips. As they say, pull the string and the vegetables are ready chopped.

  1. Cheese grater

    Our supplier Moha has accustomed us to kitchen gadgets with practical features that we may not miss; that is until we try them and realize that we can do some things easier. The Molino cheese grater is one of them.

    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

    If we are still thinking of a summer salad made of fresh vegetables, we add a fresh dressing with lemon juice and a few thin slices of Parmesan cheese. The special taste of Parmesan is perfectly intertwined with the crunchy consistency of fresh vegetables. In order not to bother with a classic grater, the solution is the grater for Molino cheese.

    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home

    With a few movements you get the perfect strips to season your salad. Let’s not forget the pasta lovers either. Put the blade for fine scraping and add a generous layer of cheese over the pasta. You can grate the cheese directly over your favorite dishes, without soiling another grater and another container in which to collect the grated cheese.

  1. Popular kitchen gadgets – Mandoline grater

    We stay in the area of fresh spring vegetables and get acquainted with a very famous kitchen gadget: the mandolin grater. In addition, this grater comes with a large bowl with a lid that you can use to prepare the salad directly in it. The grater is fixed on the bowl and is ready to be used.


    Kitchen tools review- 4 smart kitchen gadgets for home
    You can easily slice any type of vegetable and you can choose the type of cut, fine, medium or coarse. You can also grate onions, carrots or cabbage and get vegetables which you then mix directly into the bowl. If you have many guests at the table and you have to make a big salad, the mandolin grater will make your work easier.

Without using the knife at all, quickly slice all the vegetables and then, with the cheese accessory, add a delicious topping of seasonal cheeses. In addition, with the straw potato cutting accessory you will get perfectly cut potatoes for frying.

Which of the 4 kitchen gadgets is your favorite?

Easter gift ideas – Superb and resistant kitchenware for your inner youngster

We all want to receive gifts for easter that we can enjoy for a long time or, why not, even our whole life, because this way the memory of the “guilty” of surprise is kept alive. Diqis has prepared a series of suggestions that perfectly combine the useful and the pleasant!

The winter holidays mean, in addition to gifts, snow and snow, many meals with loved ones. But what do you do when you don’t have enough fun for all the guests? With us  you can quickly forget about this care, because in our store you can find sets with a generous number of plates, enough to reach all the souls that will gather around the table. A good example of this can be the Zamba table service from Corelle, which consists of 12 pieces (4 trays, 26 cm; 4 flat plates, 21.6 cm; 4 multifunctional bowls, 532 ml, for salads / soup / dessert). The colors are detached from the Christmas holiday (green, red, blue and yellow), being only good for the period we are all waiting for.

Easter gift ideas - superb and resistant kitchenware for your inner youngster

Simplicity is always better than all, and in this category the Mystic Gray table service is perfectly integrated, which also consists of 12 pieces (4 trays, 26 cm; 4 flat plates, 21.6 cm; 4 multifunctional bowls, of 532 ml, for salads / soups / dessert). This can be the perfect gift for a loved one, who likes to spend time in the kitchen and who wants to be happy with the sophisticated dishes he cooks!

Easter gift ideas - superb and resistant kitchenware for your inner youngster

Big family, many plates! The Corelle brand also has in its portfolio sets of 16 pieces, such as Jett Blue, Onyx Black, Brushed Turquoise, Brushed Silver, Brushed Red, Brushed Black, Mosaic Bands, Kyoto Night and many more, which you can find on our website . All tableware combines special colors and designs, bringing a splash of color or a dose of elegance to your table.

Easter gift ideas - superb and resistant kitchenware for your inner youngster

When you like all the details in your home to be in line with the season we are in, we suspect that you are always looking for new things. Here’s how beautiful an arrangement in which the center of interest is Tranquil Reflection meal service can be. Each of the 12 pieces of the set (4 plates, 26 cm; 4 large plates, 21.6 cm; 4 multifunctional bowls, 532 ml, for salads / soups / dessert) will find its place on the festive table.

Easter gift ideas - superb and resistant kitchenware for your inner youngster

The great advantage of these plates is represented by the manufacturing material: Vitrelle glass, which gives you the certainty that the dishes will not chip, scratch or break, even if you accidentally miss it. It also has thermal resistance, both at low and high temperatures, and offers you the possibility to store it anywhere. These details fit exactly what I said at the beginning of the article, given that Corelle plates are particularly durable over time.

Easter gift ideas - superb and resistant kitchenware for your inner youngster


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Innovative kitchen accessories

We all have a polish, a grater, a garlic press and other familiar utensils that can’t be missed in a housewife’s kitchen. There are some kitchen accessories that, after you try them, you will discover how much you have missed them so far. You have to have them all!

Innovative kitchen accessories arose from the desire to streamline and shorten kitchen processes. Some accessories may surprise you so much that you wonder how you could have done everything differently during this time, much more rudimentary and harder. It’s never too late to upgrade, so you can start with these accessories below that will surprise you guaranteed.

1. Melon slicer

Until now you were taking a watermelon and you couldn’t wait to taste it. Leave it to cool for a while, then cut off the lid and struggle with a large knife to cut equal slices for all family members. Some slices were larger, some smaller, some straight, some crooked. In addition, the peel of the watermelon is very hard and you can injure yourself at any time with a knife.

Innovative kitchen accessories

Everything becomes much simpler with the watermelon slicer: you just have to cut the melon lid and thanks to the distribution of the stainless steel blades you will get 12 perfectly equal melon slices! The slicer is equipped with 2 robust handles that give you safety and precision during cutting.

2. Pineapple slicer

Pineapple is one of the most difficult fruits to clean. Until now, you used a knife to cut the lid and peel it. Only then could you cut it into slices. And let’s not forget the hard core, which is not edible.

Innovative kitchen accessories

The situation changes with the pineapple slicer: all you have to do is cut the lid and base and rotate the slicer inside the pineapple. The result is quick and amazing: you get a perfect spiral from the delicious and juicy pineapple pulp, and the hard core is isolated in the middle of the slicer.


Innovative kitchen accessories
3. Stand for boiling eggs with timer

Eggs are an important food for breakfast. Every morning you boil eggs for your family, but everyone wants eggs differently: you like the soft-boiled egg to eat directly from the shell and others prefer it medium or hard boiled. You have to boil the eggs and keep an eye on the clock so as not to exceed the minutes required for each type of boiling.

Innovative kitchen accessories

The timer egg boiling stand is your help every morning: put 4 eggs in the stand and then put the stand in the water to boil. The timer tells you exactly when you need to take out the eggs depending on how you want them; you don’t have to calculate the boiling minutes anymore. A reliable help, isn’t it?


Innovative kitchen accessories
4. The can strainer

We already know how to strain the juice from the canned corn: open the lid 90%, press the lid over the contents and drain the liquid over the sink. How many times have you had to cut yourself during this process or lose a few grains of corn with the juice?

It’s time for a professional accessory for draining cans. Remove the entire can lid, secure the strainer to the can and drain the liquid contents. The process is very safe: the strainer does not come off the can even if you turn it upside down and the contents of the can press on it! The strainer can be mounted on any kind of round can, with a diameter of 7 to 11 centimeters.


Innovative kitchen accessories
5. 3 in 1 strainer

For today’s lunch you want to prepare a light summer soup in which you put a large variety of vegetables. Vegetables should be washed, drained and chopped. For this you need a strainer, a chopper and a bowl in which to put the chopped vegetables.


Innovative kitchen accessories

How about a 3 in 1 accessory to help you cook vegetables? This compartmentalized accessory contains 3 elements: a strainer, a shredder and a container in which you collect the chopped vegetables. You can place this accessory on the kitchen counter or directly above the sink, with an extendable base. You choose how many elements to assemble and how to do it!

The most inspired wedding gift ideas

  The beautiful story of a family is written step by step, starting from the wedding day. Therefore, those close to the bride and groom will start, from the news of a future wedding, to think about the best gift ideas for the young family, gifts that will be offered at the wedding and that will help them start their life together.

And because much of a marriage’s happiness is shaped by the intimacy of a home, the most appropriate gifts are those that shape their own universe, in a way that combines efficiency and utility with the beauty of a unique arrangement. Thus, every time the two lovers cross the threshold of the house, they will see your gift and will remember you fondly.

The most inspired wedding gift ideas 1

Kitchen gift ideas:

Often, the most beautiful moments of a family are spent around the table. Whether it’s a simple breakfast or a large dinner with many guests, dining accessories are indispensable in any kitchen and can beautify this space, if chosen properly. To help future brides and grooms equip their kitchen, you can offer them one or more sets of glasses, dedicated or classic cutlery, with various models, serving trays or even a complete tableware service.

The most inspired wedding gift ideas

Cooking tools:

If family meals are beautiful, cooking can be even better. For the moments when the young family will cook together, offer them quality, durable multifunctional pots, pans, pots and pans, which will allow them to prepare delicious and healthy meals. And to help them keep their kitchen tidy and organized, you can opt for our ingenious accessories.

The most inspired wedding gift ideas

The most inspired wedding gift ideas

Every home needs a personality, according to the owners. Therefore, modern decor and ambience items can be a great gift. Irion lamps look great on the bedside table and create a pleasant intimate atmosphere, and the New York touch sensor lamp perfectly complements the rooms with a modern, urban design.


Create your meal services according to your needs and desires

When we hear about mass services, questions inevitably come to mind. On what occasion do we buy plates? When do we forget the old ones and make friends with new ones?

When and why do we buy meal services?

We were interested in what our customers think and we asked them when they last bought a meal service and on what occasion. One of the clients confessed to us: “A week ago. New house gift for a friend! ” Another client’s response was: “For me personally, six months ago, and three months ago a wedding gift for a friend.”

Create your meal services according to your needs and desires

It seems that meal services are offered at special events, such as weddings or moving house, but only then? Why not for the rest of the year? To decide if you need to buy new plates, we invite you to a little game. What do you say?

We challenge you to go to the kitchen, and if you are at work we invite you to go home thinking and count your flat plates in the same way. Did they come out in number 6? But the deep plates, still 6? What about desserts? If the total number is not 18, then you need a new plate service.

Create your meal services according to your needs and desires

More than mass services

Sometimes a set of 18 plates is not enough for a festive meal. As we are a welcoming people and we often have many guests at the table, it is possible that a person or two will run out of plates and you will have to improvise with dishes for them. This problem is about to be solved, because at foodeliciousness you can create your own meal service according to your needs.

White kitchen plates set

Create your meal services according to your needs and desires Create your meal services according to your needs and desires

That’s how it is! You can choose more or less plates, because the “rule of 6” has exceptions depending on the social life of each family. In addition, you will have the best quality, good-looking plates, instead of the chipped, scratched or simply old-fashioned ones. Another advantage is that in a beautiful plate and your dishes will look better than in the old table service.