Innovative kitchen accessories

We all have a polish, a grater, a garlic press and other familiar utensils that can’t be missed in a housewife’s kitchen. There are some kitchen accessories that, after you try them, you will discover how much you have missed them so far. You have to have them all!

Innovative kitchen accessories arose from the desire to streamline and shorten kitchen processes. Some accessories may surprise you so much that you wonder how you could have done everything differently during this time, much more rudimentary and harder. It’s never too late to upgrade, so you can start with these accessories below that will surprise you guaranteed.

1. Melon slicer

Until now you were taking a watermelon and you couldn’t wait to taste it. Leave it to cool for a while, then cut off the lid and struggle with a large knife to cut equal slices for all family members. Some slices were larger, some smaller, some straight, some crooked. In addition, the peel of the watermelon is very hard and you can injure yourself at any time with a knife.

Innovative kitchen accessories

Everything becomes much simpler with the watermelon slicer: you just have to cut the melon lid and thanks to the distribution of the stainless steel blades you will get 12 perfectly equal melon slices! The slicer is equipped with 2 robust handles that give you safety and precision during cutting.

2. Pineapple slicer

Pineapple is one of the most difficult fruits to clean. Until now, you used a knife to cut the lid and peel it. Only then could you cut it into slices. And let’s not forget the hard core, which is not edible.

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Innovative kitchen accessories

The situation changes with the pineapple slicer: all you have to do is cut the lid and base and rotate the slicer inside the pineapple. The result is quick and amazing: you get a perfect spiral from the delicious and juicy pineapple pulp, and the hard core is isolated in the middle of the slicer.


Innovative kitchen accessories
3. Stand for boiling eggs with timer

Eggs are an important food for breakfast. Every morning you boil eggs for your family, but everyone wants eggs differently: you like the soft-boiled egg to eat directly from the shell and others prefer it medium or hard boiled. You have to boil the eggs and keep an eye on the clock so as not to exceed the minutes required for each type of boiling.

Innovative kitchen accessories

The timer egg boiling stand is your help every morning: put 4 eggs in the stand and then put the stand in the water to boil. The timer tells you exactly when you need to take out the eggs depending on how you want them; you don’t have to calculate the boiling minutes anymore. A reliable help, isn’t it?


Innovative kitchen accessories
4. The can strainer

We already know how to strain the juice from the canned corn: open the lid 90%, press the lid over the contents and drain the liquid over the sink. How many times have you had to cut yourself during this process or lose a few grains of corn with the juice?

It’s time for a professional accessory for draining cans. Remove the entire can lid, secure the strainer to the can and drain the liquid contents. The process is very safe: the strainer does not come off the can even if you turn it upside down and the contents of the can press on it! The strainer can be mounted on any kind of round can, with a diameter of 7 to 11 centimeters.

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Innovative kitchen accessories
5. 3 in 1 strainer

For today’s lunch you want to prepare a light summer soup in which you put a large variety of vegetables. Vegetables should be washed, drained and chopped. For this you need a strainer, a chopper and a bowl in which to put the chopped vegetables.


Innovative kitchen accessories

How about a 3 in 1 accessory to help you cook vegetables? This compartmentalized accessory contains 3 elements: a strainer, a shredder and a container in which you collect the chopped vegetables. You can place this accessory on the kitchen counter or directly above the sink, with an extendable base. You choose how many elements to assemble and how to do it!