How to arrange dining table for dinner -rules and advices

When we sit down at a dining table, the first thing we usually do is examine all the cutlery like a doctor preparing for an operation and has to make sure that he is not missing any tools. Whether we are guests or hosts, we must know very well the rules for arranging the table, so as never to fail. The cutlery must always be placed before the guests arrive, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

To prove that we are a caring host, we must not put more than two forks and two knives at the beginning of the meal, because the large number of cutlery can be intimidating and can be confusing and also load the table unnecessarily.

Rule 1: Space must be used efficiently

If we talked about how we should be careful not to load the table unnecessarily, the first rule in arranging the table is to use the space efficiently. This means choosing the size of the plates according to the size of the table, in order to fit harmoniously into the available space.

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How to arrange dining table for dinner -rules and advices

Rule 2: Seated first: plates

Once we are sure that the chosen plates will fit perfectly in the space, we must also be careful how we place them. The first are the basic plates, the flat plates on which the plates for the first dish are placed. They should be placed 1-2 cm from the edge of the table, and there should be a distance of 50-60 cm between them. The first ones placed are the plates, because we can also use them as a benchmark for positioning the other elements. As an example, we will put the glasses to the right of the basic plate.

Rule 3: Cutlery and napkins: arranged according to the edge of the table

The cutlery is arranged in the order in which the dishes will be served. The forks are always on the left side of the plate, and the knives and spoons on the right, the only exceptions to the rule being the dessert knife, which will be placed in front of the basic plate, with the handle on the right side and the edge towards the plate and the dessert fork. , which will be placed with the handle on the left. The cutlery should be aligned according to the edge of the table, the distance being 1-2 cm to the handle, on the same line as the edge of the plate.

The napkins will be placed to the left of the forks or will be caught or wrapped in a decorative way, and will be placed right on the basic plate.

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How to arrange dining table for dinner -rules and advices

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The rule regarding the positioning of the glasses is simple: they are placed on top of the knives. Align obliquely, to the left, starting with the smallest (glass of water) and ending with the largest (glass of wine).

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