How much does a typical hot dog cost in fairmont, wv?

The atmosphere is full of WV history, from old photographs to the diner’s older decor. The staff is friendly and quick. You’re always busy but you never have to wait long. Yann’s hot dogs go down so easily, I ate 3 in the car in front of the stand and walked back to the store to get 3 more


Russell, the owner of Yann’s Hot Dogs, has been serving these delicious dogs and hot chili sauce since the 1960s. Their menu extends beyond hot dogs to include hoagies, pizza, and burgers — like their Husky Burger, which features Oliverio’s mix of peppers, mozzarella cheese, and bacon added to a beef patty. This is a picturesque little town that has been established here for a long time. Delicious hot dogs that I recommend everyone stop by and check it out, very unique. Known for its great hot dog sauce — mild, medium, or hot — it makes a great topping not only for hot dogs, but also for their loaded

baked potatoes and pepperoni rolls.

I must say my grandparents grew up on Fairmont and I spent years (I’m 4) listening to my elderly family rave about Lupo’s hot dogs. The dogs themselves are crappy Sugardale dogs, and I think he spices up the sauce a bit so you can’t really taste how bad the dogs really are. Fairmont has a special little hot dog stand that has apparently been around as long as most of the city