Homemade McRib

McRib lovers, this one is for you! This homemade McRib is just like the original – but even better because it’s fresh and made with love. So ditch the drive-thru and make your own McRib at home. You won’t regret it!

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We all know the McRib and odds are you either love it or hate it. Not sure what it is about that delicious sauce-soaked meat that makes people either keep a watchful eye out to see when it comes back or talk trash about how awful the sandwich is. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to people’s stance on this McDonald’s sandwich.

Odds are if you’re here now, you are a member of Team McRib. Witihout further adieu let’s get into and make a delicious homemade DIY McRib.


  • Banquet Boneless Rib Patties
  • Onion
  • Pickle
  • Sesame Seed Bun (If you want to be authentic, then use a long, skinny bun just like McDonald’s does)


  1. Preheat Oven 375°F
  2. Place a slite in the Banquet Boneless Rib Patties and bake them for 48 to 50 minutes
  3. While rib patties are baking, slice up an appropriate amount of onions and pickles for however many homemade McRibs you plan to enjoy
  4. Remove rib patties from the oven and allowed them to sit for 5 minutes
  5. Put the rib patties on a bun and add the appropriate amount of onions and pickles

If you want to make it authentic like a real McRib, then you better lay those onions and pickles on thick. While this obviously isn’t the real thing, it always satisfies my need for a McRib.

Now you may be wondering, why don’t we make the actual sauce that goes on the McRib? If you’re looking to take that next step we have you covered.

How to Make Homemade McRib Sauce

Assuming you want me to continue writing about the sauce:


1/2 cup of ketchup

4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

1 teaspoon of onion powder

1 teaspoon of garlic powder


In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients together until they are fully combined.

Put the sauce on your McRib and enjoy! The Banquet McRib sandwich is an awesome option. This is actually a great McRib homemade option.

This sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy, just like the McRib sauce you know and love. And trust me, it makes all the difference. So if you’re looking to take your homemade McRib to the next level, be sure to give this sauce a try. You won’t regret it!

Is McRib Real Meat?

The McRib has been a fan favorite at McDonald’s for years, but there has always been some debate about what, exactly, is in the sandwich. Some say it’s made with real pork, while others claim that it’s nothing more than processed meat. So, what’s the truth?

Well, according to McDonald’s own website, the McRib is made with “100% pork.” However, some suspect that this pork is not necessarily the same as what you would find in a traditional pork chop or rib. Rather, it is thought to be a mix of pork shoulder and trimmings that are processed and shaped into the distinctive McRib patty.

So, while the McRib may not be made with traditional pork, it is still technically made with real meat. However, if you’re looking for a sandwich that is made with 100% pure pork, you might want to try something else from the McDonald’s menu.

What Does McRib Sauce taste like?

The McRib sauce is a sweet and tangy sauce that is the perfect complement to the sandwich. If you’ve never had it before, it’s a tangy yet delicious barbeque sauce. If you’ve already had it then I don’t need to say any more about it.

Why Does the McRib Go Away?

The McRib goes away because McDonald’s stops selling it for a while. They do this because they want to create a sense of scarcity and make people crave the sandwich even more when it does come back. It’s a marketing tactic that has proven to be successful for the fast food chain, as people always seem to be talking about the McRib when it’s not available. So why does McDonald’s do this?

There are a few theories. Some say that McDonald’s does this to keep costs down, as they can buy pork cheaper when there is less demand for it. Others say that McDonald’s does this to keep people coming back to their restaurants, as the McRib is always a hot item when it comes back. Whatever the reason, McDonald’s has no plans to make the McRib a permanent menu item any time soon. So if you want to enjoy one, you’ll just have to wait until it comes back around.

There are Facebook groups and other social media accounts that keep track of when the McRib will come back. By only having the famous sandwich on occasion it gets the McRib lovers fired up to rush to McDonald’s and devour their favorite sandwich.

When is the McRib Coming Back to McDonald’s?

The McRib is a seasonal sandwich that is only available at McDonald’s for a limited time each year. The exact date when the McRib will be available again varies from year to year, but it is typically available in the fall or winter. So if you’re wondering When is the McRib Coming Back to McDonald’s? the answer is that it depends on the year. However, you can usually expect it to be available sometime between October and December. So start keeping an eye out for it in your local McDonald’s restaurant around that time!


In closing, the McRib is a delicious sandwich that is made with real pork. For those of us who want more than peanut butter and jelly, it’s a great option. However, it is only available for a limited time each year. So if you’re looking to get your hands on one, be sure to keep an eye out for it in the fall or winter. That said, there is no set time of year that the McRib will return to McDonald’s. So keep your eyes and ears open and be vigilant. And in the meantime, enjoy some of McDonald’s other menu items! Thanks for reading!