Guest posting rules:

Guest postingHave you considered writting  guest posts on our blog? Awesome! We grew our blog pretty well on latest months to over 0,000 visitors a month [joke] ~ (anyway you consult moz that’s more accurate).


However our policy is that we publish unique articles and in-depth researched information that mainly came from reputable authors. Therefore, we care about quality of articles posted on this blog. This is mutual benefit, since we receive from you a quality article and you will get a valuable backlink that will get more and more SEO juice month by month because our posting policy and the domain authory that will increase in future. As a result, if you want to post your article, write us on contact page and make sure you follow the following rules:


Be our guestRule #1: Authors must have a track record of writing great content or at least articles must have good grammar. We won’t accept posts with spelling or grammar errors.

Rule #2: Watch outgoing links, anchor text should be your targeted keyword.

Rule #3: The content must be detailed and unique. Rememer? Copyscape! Even if it’s food recipe, you must have introductory phase no less than 400 words.

Rule #4: You need to fully own the content. Text and images too! It’s your responsibility!

Rule #5: Post should include no less than 600 words and  2 HQ images, one of them must be a vertical image: 600x900px or 900x1260px that will fit into pinterest layout.  Your images will be posted on our facebook fanpage, pinterest board and flickr photostream.