ESSENTIAL OILS are very popular, and in fact, it is being used by a lot of people. Here you will be shown the Essential Oils Guide for Beginners that will Change your Life.

What are essential oils by the way? Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavor, or “essence,” of their source. Furthermore, they can be used for health purposes, aromatherapy, cleaning, and beautification. Also, Ayurvedic medicine has its roots in its use and certain essential oils are iconic scents for different cultures. The earthy, spicy aromas of sandalwood, cinnamon, and ginger are a common Indian blend, while in Egypt eucalyptus, cypress, and cedar were some of the most favorited scents.

Below are several guides and tips that will help you easily understand how the Essential Oils work, what to do and what you need. Don’t forget to Pin them onto your Pinterest board.

1. 20 of the most Versatile Essential Oils that you should own.

Sometimes it is hard to determine which essential oil we could start off with. Below is a list of versatile essential oils that you can choose from depending on the reasons you need to use them. Moreover, these are based on essential oils that have the most useful and valuable properties

Essential oils guide 1

Essential oils guide 2 2

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2. Using Essential Oils for Headaches.

Unlike pain relievers that are commonly used to treat headaches and migraines today, essential oils serve as a more effective and safer alternative. Certainly, Essential oils provide relief, aid circulation and reduce stress. 

Using essential oils for headaches

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3. Essential Oils for Pain

Essential oils are proven to be helpful in providing pain relief. In fact, there are many essential oils for chronic pain that may provide just the relief that you are looking for.

With natural pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties, the following are the best essential oils for aches and pains.

Essential oils for pain 1 Essential oils for pain 2 1

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4, 7 Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety is a tough battle to face day in and day out, which makes having a natural solution, such as an essential oil blend, important.

While it’s best to make sure you use pure essential oils, meaning oils that have not been diluted with chemicals or additives, with this in mind, they can provide much-needed relief and healing for a variety of ailments, including as a natural remedy for anxiety.

7 essential oils for anxiety 1 Essential oils for anxiety 2

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5. Making Aroma Therapy Roll-ons

Indeed the great thing about essential oils is that they have such a wide range of health uses. Furthermore, this also includes everyday health issues from headaches, sore muscles, to insomnia. And having these essential oils in a roll-on form is one of the easiest ways to get the full health benefits. 

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Rollerball applicator – a dark-colored bottle is best
  • About 1/3 of an ounce of carrier oil – I like fractioned coconut oil but olive oil, jojoba or sweet almond will all work
  • 10-12 drops of essential oils
  • A dropper or pipette makes measuring much easier

Remove the roller ball from the top of the bottle. Next, add the appropriate number of drops of each essential oil. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil. Reattach roller ball at the top. Shake well. Store in a cool, dark place.

To use, roll the bottle between your hands before each use to ensure the essential oils are properly mixed. Then apply to pressure points on the body, such as the temples, behind the ears, bottoms of the feet, insides of the wrist. Or really anywhere that feels good to you!

Oils blends 1 Oils blends 2

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6. Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Because of their antidepressant, stimulating, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral and calming properties, they are recently gaining popularity as a natural, safe and cost-effective therapy for a number of health concerns.

Benefits essential oils 1 Benefits essential oils 2

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