Easy Halloween Cakes Decorating Ideas

Halloween is a fun holiday and a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity by making a fantastic cake. You will delight kids, make adults laugh and sweeten everyone’s day. In this list, you will found 10 easy decorating ideas, which you can use for Halloween or even for kids’ birthday. Simply with spiders, witches, skeletons, castles or clouds, you can never go wrong.

So, have fun and enjoy these ideas!

Cake 1. Spooky Mummy Cake

Spiders are a favorite motif of every Halloween.  So why not spiders and mummies together, surprise your kids with this great cake decoration.

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The skull is also one of the most popular details for Halloween. Combined with the book, this one looks so good that it will delight all adults as well.

Cake 3. Blackberry, Chocolate and Sophisticated Halloween Cake

This one is gothic and elegant. Perfect for a party at work or dinner with friends at home.

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Cake 4. Mysterious Witch’s Brew Cake

A great decoration that is suitable for both birthdays and Halloween. If your kid likes stories about witches, here’s a great idea.

Cake 5. Sunset Cat&Pumpkin Cake

The sunset colors that adorn this cake have been worked with incredible precision. Also, if you love cats, then you have to try this challenge.

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Cake 6. Wicked Pumpkin Cake

Did scare you this angry pumpkin? Yeah, it is so realistic, it will not be easy to make a decoration like this, but we encourage you to give it a try!

Cake 7. Spell Book Cake

This spellbook decoration seems to remind me of the Charmed series. Here you will show your true decorating skills, there are so many details!

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Cake 8. Bone Palace Cake

These bones even look delicious, no one will resist this cake. It’s simple and fun, you’ll enjoy with the kids making this decoration.

Cake 9. Monster Eye Cake

This little cake project is for anyone and everyone.  Bakers of all skill levels and ages can enjoy making this fun cake. You will follow the Halloween theme and you will not get tired of making this cake decoration.


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Cake 10. Spider Web Cake

An easy and interesting cake decoration, which you can also use for other occasions, of course without spiders. It’s simple and unusual, isn’t it? 


If you enjoy these ideas save this PIN to your Halloween Recipes board on Pinterest, so you can check these ideas later or share them with your friends and family.

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