Does KFC Take Apple Pay? 

Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast-food restaurant group that has been providing family-style dinners for decades. Colonel Harland Sanders was an entrepreneur that started selling his chicken on the side of the road in Kentucky during the Great Depression. Now, KFC is one of three companies owned by Yum! Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are the other two restaurants and they also take Apple Pay. During the last decade, so many changes have been introduced as digital technology has heavily influenced many business partnerships through payment methods. Apple Pay has been a great influence as the company has evolved.

Apple Pay is a great way to keep your money because you can compartmentalize your spending money thereby using Apple Pay in combination with other cards stored in your Apple Wallet. When you get approved for an Apple Card, you will receive 3% cash back and that cashback is deposited right into your Apple Pay. When you use Apple Pay to make a purchase, you will see the transaction in your device instantly! Many places accept Apple Pay, so when you use your Apple Card or your Apple Watch to make payment via Apple Pay, you’ll be on par with the latest in payment technology. Payment methods available are not restricted to Apple Pay, however, Apple Pay is the most tenured form of digital payment that gives way to a contactless purchase. You can choose from several payment methods including Apple Pay to pay at many local fast-food restaurants, including KFC.

Using Apple Pay insures that you get your warm food quickly. KFC cares about the health and well-being of their loyal customers and we know this because they’ve extended their relationships to provide contactless payments both in person at the restaurant counter and at the drive-through window. When you use digital methods of payment like Apple Pay, you are contributing to the bigger picture that supports the delivery of a wholesome southern-style meal in trade for a brief, touchless interaction without compromising the exchange of dirty, germ-infested cash money. Even credit or debit cards can carry microscopic germs, so using Apple Pay via your watch or your mobile device is a great way to satiate your hunger without sharing germs! All you have to do to use Apple Pay with your watch is to verify your payment methods and keep your phone and watch paired.

Many places accept Apple Pay. After all, it was built into your iPhone. A year after Apple Pay was released, KFC had a different challenge in support of the diversity of their customers when Samsung offered the same digital pay opportunity. Apple Pay was the first wireless payment method on the market and Samsung has done a great job of keeping up with the technological changes on par with making life easier and germ-free. You can pay for your delicious fried chicken now by using several different forms of digital payment.

Does KFC Take Samsung Pay?

Payment terminals that use near-field communication are quickly becoming the new standard; that is the way that Apple Pay functions. The biggest difference between Apple Pay and Samsung pay is that Apple Pay uses near-field communication or, “NFC”. Samsung uses both “NFC” and “MST”, magnetic secure transmission. Now, Samsung Pay users join Apple Pay users at KFC to pay electronically and with the utmost convenience. Is Samsung Pay better than Apple Pay? Since each holds use restrictions to its own brand of mobile or wearable device, it is simply a matter of personal preference.

Does KFC Take Google Pay?

You might be surprised to learn that Google Pay was actually released before Apple Pay. Apple Pay is available for use using your privacy-encrypted hand-held mobile device. Apple pay and Google pay are almost identical. The biggest difference that you might want to think about is that Apple Pay protects your privacy within a security enclave that allows your transactions to take place only within the Apple Wallet that comes installed in every iPhone. Google Pay, on the other hand, is a downloadable application. Also available for use with near-field communication, all transactions are stored on Google’s server.

Both Apple Pay and Google pay use the same NFC technology and both can be used with the iPhone. Google Pay can also be used by Samsung customers because it is a downloadable mobile app designed for the full scope of mobile payment systems. Google authenticates with a PIN number while Apple works with your biometrics. Neither Apple Pay nor Goggle’s comparable system shows your account details to the vendor.

Does KFC take Apple Pay and Google’s downloadable payment app? It is definitely true. You can pay half and half, as needed in the event that you might want to split payment with another fried chicken lover.

KFC Payment Methods

The following two questions are frequently asked by our customers: Does KFC take Apple Pay? Will KFC accept Apple Pay? KFC responded by partnering up with Apple to help customers use Apple Pay to purchase their warm fried chicken. Just pull out your phone while you are in line and open your Apple Wallet. After you place your order, you can pay simply by placing your phone to the electronic payment transactor. Any other electronic payment method is totally usable as long as it is cohesive with near-field communication technology. If you choose to use Apple Pay, does KFC take Apple Pay only or can you split payments with cash? Traditional cash and physical debit cards are also still accepted and yes, split payments are very easy because you can edit the purchase amount in your phone before the Apple Pay app authenticates the purchase.

Can You Pay at KFC with an Apple Watch?

Does KFC take Apple Pay from my Apple watch? Yes. KFC accepts Apple Pay via your Apple watch as long as your watch is properly paired with your iPhone. Apple Pay is located inside your Apple Wallet so to use Apple Pay with your watch, all you have to do is hold your wrist over or near the payment device and your Apple Pay will authenticate your purchase because it is paired with your phone. Using this method makes checkout totally easier than the traditional fumble through your purse and wallet. Setting up your watch wallet takes seconds and for the sake of getting your food home warm, contactless payments are highly favored for Apple Watch users.

Does KFC Mobile App for iPhone Take Apple Pay?

Using the KFC mobile app for wireless payments is highly recommended. Does KFC take Apple Pay even if you choose to order through the mobile app? KFC accepts Apple Pay inside the app so it makes the process of ordering and paying for your food seamless.

In conclusion, the question of the day is: Does KFC take Apple Pay? The answer is yes and we recommend using Apple Pay because it is a private purchase between you and KFC, germ-free and quick. Buying family-style fast food at KFC using Apple Pay is thoughtfully innovative by design! We hope you’ll place an order using Apple Pay from your Apple watch or mobile device right now!