Cooking Tips – You Wish You Knew These 8 Baking Hacks Before

We’ve presented some baking hacks not while ago, and today we decided to do it again.

You’d wish you knew these hacks before, but now you can enjoy baking again.

Here are 8 crafty and neat and you’ll love them!

1. Birthday Cake Decoration with Cookie Cutter

This is probably one of the niftiest tricks out there. Use a cookie cutter to decorate a birthday cake!

Birthday cake decoration with cookie cutter

Source: littlelifeofmine

2. Clean And Easy Batter Scooping

Here is a better and cleaner way to batter scoop.

Clean and easy batter scooping

Source: honestandtruly

3. DIY Buttermilk

Use this quick recipe every time you’d like to make an adequate amount of buttermilk.

Diy buttermilk in 3 mins

Source: thebudgetdiet

4. Wine Bottle As Rolling Pin

Instead of running to the store every time you are in need of a pin, use a bottle as a rolling pin! You can even make it not stick. Check it out how.

Wine bottle as rolling pin

Source: realsimple

5. Quickly Bring Eggs To Room Temperature

This simple little trick will help you to bring the eggs to room temperature quite quickly.

Quickly bring eggs to room temperature

Source: eatthelove

6. DIY your Powdered Sugar

Homemade powdered sugar – check out how and you’ll never want to buy powder again.

Homemade powdered sugar

Source: thehumbledhomemaker

7. Balloons for Shaping Chocolate Cups

This is a nice trick to shape some chocolate cups using balloons. It will be perfect for preparing a kid’s birthday party.


Use balloons to make chocolate cups

Source: teacher-chef

8. Make your Own DIY Vanilla Extract

Another great hack for making your very own vanilla extract instead of running to the story to get one.

Homemade vanilla extract

Source: rosebakes