Cholesterol, goods and bads

I admit that his level keeps me in suspense every time I do analysis – it would be good, it would be bad? But cholesterol, although we don’t look at it with good eyes, does not just mean trouble. On the contrary.

I guess you know that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, which we will talk about at once. It is equally important to know that there is cholesterol that our body produces itself and cholesterol that we take from the foods we fill our meals with. Attention, we only take it from food of animal origin. I tell you this because I read on the labels of some plant products that they are cholesterol-free. Is obvious and even pleonastic, but for strangers it may seem like a plus in buying the respective merchandise. There are no plant foods with cholesterol, remember that.We will find out more about this organic substance, called cholesterol.

75% of cholesterol, produced by the body

Definition tells that we are dealing with an organic compound that is found in the structure of animal cells. When metabolism is disturbed, deposits on walls of the blood vessels or in the form of calculations. Substance is present, free or combined, in the fish lard.Also in the bile, and in the blood or nervous tissue, but also in the egg yolk and its role is to regulate the permeability to liquids of cell membranes.

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Simply put, we cannot live without this cholesterol. But the ideal is to keep it on a balanced level, because too much of any type – bad or good. Too little of one type make us big problems.Especially to problems with the heart, because it is affected by these imbalances. It risks cardiovascular disease, attacks and heart attacks. Interesting is the proportion of cholesterol production. 75% of the cholesterol in the blood is produced by the liver and other cells in our body. The remaining 25% comes from our tables.

HDL and LDL codenames

When you see these weird names on the test book, you know that cholesterol is disguised behind them.
HDL is what we call good cholesterol, and its mission is to prevent the so-called LDL from settling on the artery walls. It also has other tasks, such as protecting us from a heart attack or heart attack – statistics show that people with low HDL have such episodes more often.

And if it is good and helpful, then how do we keep it at a high enough level? Well, for example, we can help our body produce more by doing sports. Studies say that if we focus on physical activity – admit that many remember it only this year on Easter – and do about 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic movement per week or 75 high intensity movements, we increase our level of physical activity. HDL. We can also change the diet if we want it even bigger. Trans fats must disappear. Quitting smoking also helps. Of course, if by all these changes we are not able to increase the HDL by ourselves, the specialist doctor may, if necessary, jump with a prescription for certain medicines to help.

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LDL is the bad boy in this whole story. Its level must remain low because otherwise, if it is too much and circulates through the blood, it can clog our arteries increasing our risk of heart attack and heart attack. And it naturally produces our body, but genetic inheritance has a hard word to say about it. The genes we take from mother, father, grandparents, can cause us to produce them in large quantities. We can hurt ourselves and what we put on the plate. Saturated and trans fats will increase LDL levels.

Regular sports and clean diet are also the best weapons we fight in this case. I told you above the analysis and I want to point out that only they can signal early possible problems caused by cholesterol. Other symptoms appear when it is too late. That is why it is very important to go to a blood test lab at least once a year. And let us not lie on the ear of good results without making essential changes to our health which at that time may seem unshakable.

Myths related to cholesterol

One of the most commonly heard of me is that weak people don’t have to worry about cholesterol, they are safe. Wrong. Anyone can have an increased LDL level, no matter how much they weigh. Of course, overweight people have a higher risk of having their analyzes wrong. The weak ones also have to make regular checks. Especially since, often, people who do not get fat easily have no idea how much saturated or trans fat they consume. They are not used to monitoring. And they are just damaging.

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Cholesterol, nicknamed and the silent killer

We can also call it cholesterol, because although it does not send us scary symptoms. it takes countless lives in all countries. The American statistic seems extremely distressing to me: every 39 seconds a man dies there from a cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol in too much blood is responsible for the number 1 of these diseases. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death. A diet that is friendly to the heart and lacks the fats I was talking about.Sports well and good, but also the escape of cigarette smoke are our most reliable allies.