Cheese cloth – better for healthier homemade cheese!

Cheesecloth -big help for you in kitchen If you find what is a cheesecloth we know it, a type of gauze made of cotton or wool. It can be used for flags and decorations, for curtains and in some cases used for covering tobacco plants!

Yeeey!  Already sounds exciting,i want to find more!  Please have patience and read the following article about cheesecloth and why cotton it’s better than wool.

Cheese cloth 2

Since we are a food blog we used a piece of cheesecloth for making cheese. This can be found on BestBuy or Amazon store.

Like we said it  is mainly used for making cheese, the name says it. Besides, cheesecloth is also used in myriad other recipes that require straining of milk products and holding the residue together. The loosely woven fabric removes out the liquid and keeps the solid together. The large holes of the fabric let the dairy merchandise to breathe. Cheesecloth is not coloured unlike other fabrics, which makes it a neutral alternative for culinary practices.


How  many grades and types of cheesecloth we can buy

There are many grades and types of cheese cloth. The classification of the cheesecloth is mainly based upon the number of threads per inch. We know like five grades of cheesecloth, namely, #10, #40, #50, #60 and #90.

  1. Grade #10: Grade #10 is identified by 20 vertical and 12 horizontal threads per inch.
  2. Grade #40: In grade #40, have 24 vertical and 20 horizontal threads per inch.
  3. Grade #50: In grade #50, you get  28 vertical and 24 horizontal threads per inch.
  4. Grade #60: Grade #60 it’s made from 32 vertical and 28 horizontal threads every inch.
  5. Grade #90: Grade #90 made of 44 vertical and 36 horizontal threads per inch.
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These had been said, grade #10 gives maximum porosity whereas grade #90 remains the thickest of all. The grade selection is mostly done on the basis of purpose of cheesecloth. Cheesecloth of better grades is stronger and lasts longer. Cheesecloth material is also classified as lightweight cheesecloth and large weight cheesecloth.

Where can I Buy Cheesecloth?

Cheese cloth uses 2 Cheesecloth and culinary ideas are friends. You can purchase it on supermarkets or grocery stores. Watch for cooking devices and kitchen stores in the cooking section. Cheesecloth is mostly stocked nearby this stuff. You can also get cheesecloth at fabric stores or shops that produce sewing stuff. Some bed material stores may also stock cheesecloth of several grades. You may not obtain the cheesecloth of required grade at any supermarket or grocery store.

Thus, you might have to fold it in layers for achieving the desired thickness or size of holes. The maximum variety of cheesecloth can be found on the Internet, as you can order the cheesecloth of any grade as per your requirements. Go through the catalogues on various shopping websites and order the cheesecloth as per your requirements. You can find cheesecloth at upmarket cuisine boutiques, albeit at a very high price.

For what cheesecloth it’s used


Making cheese it’s the main use of it but it is also an excellent tool for straining water and capturing solids in various recipes. You will want to hold cheesecloth on hand if you’re making home manufactured almond milk, homemade ketchup, infused oils, fresh fruit drinks.

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Cheesecloth material made out of

Like I said at  the beginning of the article it is made of cotton, originally used as a wrapping for pressed cheese and presently used in bookbinding.


There are substitutes for a cheesecloth?

Muslin cloth is an absolute substitute for cheesecloth, because to their similar texture. You may use medical gauze for the same purpose. However, you may have to fold it in several layers for achieving a desired effect, as medical gauze is very loosely woven with large hole sizes.

Also other types of cotton fabric will work as a substitute. If you’re ingenious you can use  bandana, flour sack towel, pillowcase, cloth napkin,scrap of fabric, plain cloth diaper   or jelly bag to refine foods or contain little packets of herbs.

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