Is Hospital Food Free? A Quick Guide for Patients

Is Hospital Food Free

When you’re admitted to a hospital, there are many things on your mind, such as your health and recovery. One question that might arise is whether the food you receive during your hospital stay is free or not. The answer may vary depending on the healthcare system and the specifics of your situation. In the … Read more

Does Sheetz Drug Test for Marijuana?

does sheetz drug test

In a move that many are calling long overdue, Sheetz has announced that they will no longer automatically disqualify job applicants who fail a drug test for marijuana. This change comes as more and more states are legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, and as public opinion on the matter continues to shift. … Read more

Sheetz 88 Octane – Is It Safe? Why is it Cheaper?

sheetz 88 octane

Generally we focus on food, but as a Sheetz Freak, I have found it necessary to address the Sheetz 88 Octane gas that results in so many questions. Sheetz has started selling 88 octane gasoline starting in their gas station. This is great news for car drivers who are looking to save money on their … Read more