Does Jack in the Box Take Apple Pay?

does jack in the box have apple pay

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Does Wendy’s Have Apple Pay?

does wendy's have apple pay

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Low Carb at Panda Express – Keto-Friendly Options´┐╝

low carb at panda express

There can’t possibly be keto-friendly options at an Asian restaurant, can there? Yes, it actually is possible to eat low carb at Panda Express. Panda Express is best known for its Chinese-American cuisine, but did you know that they also have a variety of low carb, keto-friendly options? While Panda Express admittedly isn’t the best … Read more

Subway Meats – All of the Different Types

subway meats

As a sandwich shop, Subway offers a wide variety of meats to choose from for your sandwich. The number of Subway meats can be overwhelming for some customers who don’t know what all of the different types are. In this blog post, we will give a brief overview of all of the different types of … Read more

Does Jollibee Have Halo Halo?

Does Jollibee Have Halo halo

The answer to this question is a resounding maybe! Jollibee, the famous Filipino fast food chain, is known for its delicious chicken Joys, spaghetti meals, and peach mango pies. But when it comes to halo halo, which is actually spelled haluhalo, a classic Filipino dessert made with shaved ice, beans, fruits, and milk, Jollibee is … Read more

Why the McRib is Only Seasonal

Why is the McRib Seasonal

Have you ever wondered why is the McRib seasonal? Some have floated some crazy conspiracies, such as the sandwich is made with pork shoulder meat, which is in high demand during the cooler months. The real reason is that the sandwich’s limited availability creates a sense of urgency and drives up sales. McDonald’s knows that … Read more

Does Panda Express Have a Drive-Thru?

does panda express have a drive-thru

Panda Express is a very well-established Chinese fast food chain with over 2,000 locations in the United States, but does Panda Express have a drive-thru? Do Panda Express Chinese Restaurants Have Drive-Thrus? Many Panda Express Chinese restaurants do have drive-thrus, but not all of them. Whether there is a drive-thru or not you can enjoy … Read more

Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich – Gas Station Eats!

sheetz nashville hot chicken sandwich

Once upon a time, I thought you had to venture to Nashville to obtain Nashville Hot Chicken. Well, now you can get them at a freaking gas station in West Virginia. We’re going to take a look at the Sheetz Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Related Content: Best Food at Sheetz Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Review What … Read more

Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Review – Can a Gas Station Compete?

Sheetz Chicken Sandwich Review

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