Mega Fast Food Chain Enters the Nashville Hot Chicken Market

fast food nashville hot chicken

Hardee’s stepped into the fast food Nashville hot chicken arena, releasing three new menu items on Wednesday. Hardee’s Introduces Permanent Nashville Hot Chicken Menu Items On Wednesday, Hardee’s unveiled its latest Nashville hot chicken items. The chain, originating from Tennessee, has added Nashville Hot Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwiches, Nashville Hot Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, and Nashville Hot … Read more

KFC Famous Bowls Review

KFC Famous Bowl Review

Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, is a fast food giant renowned for its irresistible fried chicken. However, this restaurant chain has expanded its menu offerings to include a line of dishes referred to as “Famous Bowls“. These dishes comprise of an assortment of ingredients like mashed potatoes, gravy and shredded cheese, crafted to … Read more

Protein in 4 Oz Chicken Breast

Protein in 4 Oz Chicken Breast

A 4 Oz Chicken Breast is a great cradle of protein. Chicken breast contains a whopping 27 grams of protein, formulating it an exceptional preference for those exploring to increase their protein intake. Not only is chicken breast high in protein, but it is also low in energid and fat. Chicken breast is a great … Read more

Jollibee vs KFC – Who Has the Best Fried Chicken?

kfc vs jollibee

With apologies to Popeye’s Chicken, for me, fast food chicken comes down to the Jollibee vs KFC rivalry. Some might say that it’s a toss-up, while others might have a clear favorite. I happen to have a clear favorite, more on that later. So, which one is it for you? Original Recipe of Chickenjoy? Jollibee … Read more

Does Wingstop Take Apple Pay?

does wingstop take apple pay

Wondering if your favorite chicken wings spot takes Apple Pay? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll answer the question: Does Wingstop take Apple Pay? Well, the answer is kind of complicated. Some Wingstop locations take Apple Pay, some do not. If you want to know for sure then you’ll need to reach out … Read more

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Take Apple Pay?

does buffalo wild wings take apple pay

It’s no secret that Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the United States. They have a great selection of food and drink and are a great spot to watch the game. But does Buffalo Wild Wings take Apple Pay? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Related Content: Does Jersey Mike’s … Read more

Is Jollibee Chicken Halal?

is jollibee chicken halal

In case you haven’t heard, Jollibee is in America. The Filipino fast-food chain is known for its fried chicken, Jolly Hot Dog, and peach mango pie. It’s basically the Filipino version of McDonald’s and it’s time for the Americans to get a chance at it. So the question on many people’s minds is: Is Jollibee … Read more