Blimpie Subs Review – Yes, They Still Exist!

If you’ve read much here, you know I’m a Blimpie Subs fan so of course, I’m going to put out a Blimpie Subs review. This was at a location in Sterling, Virginia, which is a Blimpie location that no longer exists.

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In this video, I’m right outside of DC at Blimpie Subs, who’s heard of Blimpies at this point? I hadn’t heard about it in years I don’t know where they are I don’t see them very much I feel like I might have seen one in southern West Virginia before.

You know I got the Blimpie Best. baby Got it the Blimpie Way. I didn’t want onions because onion, you know in my advanced age, I have a hard time with onions. But the lady decided you’re getting onion. My friend I’m with did not want mozzarella he was also shut out.

If we spoke Spanish we would have got what we wanted. Either way looks like a high-quality deli sandwich. Man, this looks good with freshly sliced meats. I mean this is for real. I’m excited they put it on a panini press, I didn’t know about that. You know, I didn’t want the onions but that said I got the real Blimpie way I got the full real deal fish scale flippy way I haven’t had one of these in a while without further ado let’s do this.

Pretty good!

it’s oil vinegar lettuce tomato onion that’s the Blimpie Way. It tastes kind of like the old-school fundraiser subs which oddly I really like.

They used to have these at go mart in the gas station. This location was also in a gas station. They didn’t have the touchscreen so it’s like a free-for-all, you know. We’re all just boxing each other out. I posted someone up and called for my sub. I got it but man you know pretty good. I’m glad I did it usually when I’m in this area I’m Wawa or bust which you know I had to get Wawa, but this time I worked in a Blimpie sub. Glad I did it that’s it just gonna do a quick one like I said Blimpie’s. Has anyone had it out there has anyone actually had Blimpie’s? If so where are these things? Where are they? They’re laying kind of low these days but that’s it for today.

I’m Sean with food supremacy thanks for checking out my video.