8 Baking Hacks I Wish My Grandma Told Me Before

Many people love cooking, especially baking. Not only is baking food more healthy compared to frying, it’s much easier to prepare too.

Having said that, there are numerous tricks to help you ease your baking experience. I just wish I knew these baking hacks sooner. They are really incredible.

Check them out below:

1. How to Soften Brown Sugar

This hack will bring your sugar back to normal without you needing to run back to the store.

How to soften brown sugar 1

Source: Myblueprint

2. DIY All-Purpose Flour

The name says it all. You can make it at your home and not worry about not having any flour in the shelf.

How to make all purpose flour 1

Source: Dontwastethecrumbs

3. Soften Butter to Room Temperature In Less than 10 Minutes

How to soften the butter without waiting to long? Well, follow this hack and find out how to do it in under 10 minutes.

Soften butter to room temperature 1

Source: Dreamingindiy

4. The Alternative DIY Cake Flour

A DIY alternative flour with which you can make a cake.

Cake flour substitute pin 1

Source: Joythebaker

5. Magic Cake Pan Release

Here is a magic way to release the cake without leaving any crumbs behind.

Magic cake pen release 1

Source: Ifyougiveablondeakitchen

6. Avoid Batter Splatter

Who wouldn’t want to avoid splashing everything around after you finish mixing?

Avoid batter splatter 1

Source: Picturetherecipe

7. Prevent Cracking of the Cheesecake Surface

This is the best way to avoid the cracking of your cheesecake surface.

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Avoid cheesecake surface cracking 1

Source: Lovefoodies

8. Baking Substitutions for a Healthy Family

Here are some extremely useful tips to make your desserts a lot healthier.

Healthy baking substitutes 1

Source: Realhousemoms

And there you have it. Simple, easy baking hacks you wish you had known sooner!