Easter eggs decorating can be a lot of fun especially that everyone is giving their ideas on how they can decorate the eggs and make them pretty and unique. In fact, there are more than a hundred decorations that you can do for your Easter Eggs, from classic to modern ones.

Hence, we collected 22 Best Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas for you to try on. Surely, you will enjoy and maybe discover your own creativeness as well. Have your boiled eggs ready now and try these pretty decorations below on them.

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1. Tattooed Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs are really cool and you might think that designing that way will be very hard. But that is exactly the opposite. Surprisingly, it is very easy. All you need are the eggs, a damp cloth and some temporary tattoos of your choice. Find the tutorials here.

Best easter eggs decorating ideas tattooed easter eggs and punched paper easter eggs

2. Punched Paper Easter Eggs

Punched Paper Easter Eggs will be loved by kids as it is enjoyable to them when punching pretty shapes with any paper. All you need are craft puncher, colorful craft paper or you may use any colorful papers, craft-book paints, paper mache eggs, some glue and foam brushes. You can find the instructions from here,

3. Mustache Easter Eggs

Aren’t they cute? It can be so amusing decorating the eggs and getting them with the mustache. Besides the colorful paint that you use, make sure you have the black color for the mustache. definitely one of the best Easter eggs decorating ideas. Read something about it from here.

Best easter eggs decorating ideas mustache easter eggs and natural easter eggs

4. Natural Easter Eggs

If you prefer something natural and kid-friendly colors or budget-friendly materials for your Easter eggs, then your kitchen is the answer. You can use the turmeric, the beets, the red or purple cabbage, blueberries and even the onion skins, and some vinegar. And of course, some containers to use. You can find the tutorials here.

5. Black and White Graphic Easter Eggs

These Black and White GraphicEaster Eggs are enjoyable to look at. And besides, it’s very easy as well. All you need is a black pen and just doodle around the eggs. You can read more about this from here.

Best easter eggs decorating ideas black white graphic easter eggs and chalkboard easter eggs

6. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

This Chalkboard EasterEggs can be fun especially for kids when they can decorate, erase and redecorate again just like how they can write on a blackboard. You’ll just need a chalkboard paint to paint the paper mache eggs that you can buy from a craft store, and some chalk, of course, to decorate them. Read more about this fun project from here.

7. Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs

Definitely pretty and colorful Threaded Wrapped Easter Eggs. You can use your favorite colors, themed colors or anything available. All you need are some thread of different colors, glue, and of course some eggs. Read about this from here.

Best easter eggs decorating ideas thread wrapped easter eggs and blue bird easter eggs

8. Blue Bird Easter Eggs

For one thing, these Blue Bird Easter Eggs are truly looking so adorable in blue. They are very easy to make thus they are also one of the best Easter Eggs decorating ideas you can try on. you are going to need some hard-boiled eggs dyed in blu, markers, white glue, and some feathers. you can find the tutorials here.

9. Glittered Egg Box

Make you Easter some dazzles with this Glittered Egg Box. This is like a small container where you can put something inside the Easter Egg perfect for the holiday. you are going to need some paper mache egg-shaped box, glitters, scrap paper, white spray primer, some tape, glue, and paintbrush. Learn how to make this glittery egg from here.

Glittered egg box and floral wreath crowned easter eggs

10. Floral-Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs

This Floral-Wreath Crown makes the Easter Eggs look lovely and cute. This is so simple and easy to make DIY Easter eggs. Materials needed are some pretty baby’s breath, gauge wire, scissors, a permanent marker, and the eggs. You can find the tutorials here.

11.  Baby Birds Nest

Certainly, whoever thought of this is very creative and indeed one of the best Easter Egg Decorating Ideas. All you need are some empty eggshells. Make sure to create the hole carefully such as in the picture. You are also going to need some thread, a material that will look like a nest and some candy that looks like an egg or a tiny toy chicken

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You can find the tutorials from here. If you find the instructions in another language, you may choose to translate it in English.

Best easter eggs decorating ideas baby birds nests and botanical easter eggs

12. Botanical Easter Eggs

These Botanical Easter Eggs truly looks very delightful as you look at their different colors and images of different plants and flowers on a black background. Materials needed are acrylic paint, paper mache eggs, paintbrushes, decorative moss, and an egg carton. To learn how to create these lovely Easter eggs, just visit this site.

13. Confetti Easter Eggs

A better way to celebrate the holiday is with the confetti, and this Confetti Easter Egg is the perfect decoration that you can try on. All you need are several hard-boiled eggs, craft paint, paintbrushes, some glue, and the foil confetti for that dazzling effect. Check the tutorials here.

Confetti easter eggs and sprinkle easter eggs

14. Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Another colorful creative DIY to decorate the Easter Eggs is the Sprinkle Easter Eggs. It is such fun while doing it especially for kids as it is very easy. All you need are some hard-boiled eggs or any faux eggs if you prefer, nonpareil sprinkles, glue, paintbrush, and a spoon. For the tutorials, you can check here.

15. Emoji Easter Eggs

They are funny and the design is modern at the same time. These entertaining Emoji Easter eggs are such cute to look at. You will need several eggs, whether the real ones or paper mache eggs, craft paints of needed colors, markers of needed colors, and paintbrushes. Further instruction can be found here.

Emoji easter eggs and easter eggs with washi tapes

16. Easter Eggs with Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are cool ones to use in today’s craft for its colorful design and very easy to use. Easter Eggs with Washi Tapes are no different of course. Materials needed are of course some hard-boiled eggs, washi tapes with different designs, scissors and a paper puncher (optional). Learn further from this website.

17. Ombre Easter Eggs

This adorable one color Ombre Easter Eggs are so cool to look at especially when displayed in their order of hues. Very easy to make. All you need is to dye the egg in one color but in different lengths of time. Visit this site here to learn the instructions further.Ombre easter eggs and painterly pastel easter eggs

18. Painterly Pastel Easter Eggs

Another very easy DIY Easter Eggs is this Painterly Pastel Easter Eggs. You will be needing several hard-boiled eggs, acrylic craft paint, a paint palette, and paintbrush. Learn how to do this decoration from this site here.

19. Graffiti Art Easter Eggs

Artistically done on Easter Eggs and truly, they are pleasant to look at, and at the same time, very easy to make. All you need are several hardboiled eggs or decorative eggs, acrylic craft paint, paintbrush, and metallic paint pens. You can find the tutorials here.

Graffity art easter eggs and ice cream cone easter eggs

20. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

These adorable Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs are fun to look at. You will enjoy creating them as they are so cute. They can be great for parties as well. You will only need several hard-boiled eggs or craft eggs, paints, paintbrushes, and some markers. Check out further on how to create them here.

21. Tied Flowers Easter Eggs

Here’s another natural decorations for your Easter Eggs and you don’t have to do any dyeing. All you need is to go around your garden or any areas where you can pick small lovely flowers. You are also going to need some twine as well and of course, the eggs. You can read more about this DIY here.

Best easter eggs decorating ideas tied flowers easter eggs and vegetable easter eggs

22. Vegetable Easter Eggs

If you like vegetables, why don’t you design your Easter eggs the same way? Surely you will love them as well. Besides the eggs, you are going to need a scissor, glue, some paper with the colors that you need and colored pens. You can find the fun tutorial here.

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