WHAT IS MORE FUN than creating Christmas decorations from natural materials? If you are into those projects, here are the 15 best projects that you can easily create.

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Something different that you can hang into your Christmas tree are these DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree Ornaments and the Felted Acorns. Materials are so easy to find and even easy to create.

Diy driftwood christmas tree ornament and how to make felted acorns

Check instructions here: DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree Ornament / How to Make Felted Acorns

Rock Nativity Canvas Wall Art DIY is a perfect project to create the story of the beginning of Christmas and partner it with the Easy Burlap Advent Calendar, you are sure will never miss the Season.

Rock nativity canvas wall art diy and easy burlap advent calendar

Check instructions here: Rock Nativity Canvas Wall Art DIY  / Easy Burlap Advent Calendar

Create a unique wreath that you can proudly hang on your front door with this Woodsy Fall Log Wreath. And if you still have those extra logs, Rustic Wood Slice Ornament is perfect and very easy to make.

Woodsy fall log wreath and rustic wood slice ornament

Check instructions here: Woodsy Fall Log Wreath / Rustic Wood Slice Ornament

This artistic Wood Slice Ornament Banner will add style along with the other ornaments. And for a more festive spirit to your home, add these 3 Pine Cone Wreaths designed perfectly for the Season.

Wood slice ornament banners and 3 christmas pine cone wreath ideas

Check instructions here: Wood Slice Ornament Banners/ 3 Pine Cone Wreath Ideas

These Christmas Kitchen Decors are so easy and simple yet brings out the Festive Season into your kitchen. And you can add these cute, easy to make Pine Cone Christmas Trees around.

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Christmas kitchen decor and how to make pine cone christmas trees

Check instructions here: Christmas Kitchen Decors / How to Make Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Perfect giveaways indeed, or if needing for more Christmas decorations, these Rustic Reindeer Ornaments, and DIY Snow Covered Pine Cone Ornaments are just so simple to make.

Rustic reindeer ornament and diy snow covered pine cone ornament

Check instructions here: Rustic Reindeer Ornament Snow Covered Pine Cone Ornament

Give an old tradition a new twist this Christmas with Mason Jar Christmas Tree Old Tradition New Twist and this will fit any home perfectly. And also, add this easy to do DIY Rustic Wood Slice Ornament into it.

Diy rustic wood slice and mason jar christmas tree old tradition new twist

Check instructions here: DIY Rustic Wood Slice Ornament /  Mason Jar Christmas Tree

And finally, this unique Christmas decor that you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money. Check out the Easiest DIY Rustic Christmas Tree made mostly from scraps.

The easiest diy rustic christmas tree

Check instructions here: The Easiest DIY Rustic Christmas Tree