When you are on Low Carb High Fat diet, or better yet on Ketogenic Diet but a busy person, you would like to have some food prepared other than meals that you need to just pick and eat or bring it along with you. Most probably you need some low carb high fat  / Keto snacks on the go that will keep you full and energized, and continue your healthy journey to weight loss.

Best Low Carb Snacks that Needed Almost NO Preparation

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Here are Low carb snack ideas that need Low preparations and can even bring with you as you go.

  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs – Prepare them ahead by boiling several eggs at once and you can just pick one and peel if you need a snack or bring with you to work and keep them in the fridge to be your snack later on. Carbs: 0 g
  2. Avocado – cut in half and sprinkle with salt and pepper, you will have a low carb, good source of fat and potassium. Carbs: 2 g net
  3. Nuts – first, you need to understand that not all nuts are low carb (cashews, for example, are not). As a low carb snack, the best choices are almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamias, and hazelnuts.
  4. Seeds – Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are the best choices. A serving of ¼ cup makes a great snack. Carbs: Sunflower seeds 3 g net; pumpkin seeds 1 g net.
  5. Cheese – little cubes of cheese can give you lots of energy with healthy fat and low carbs (however, you might want to look at some cheeses, not all cheeses are equally low carb). Carbs: 1 g per serving
  6. Meat leftovers – if you keep ham, salami, or any other meat from the last dinner in the fridge, you can always get a quick bite when you feel hungry but have no time for a proper meal. Just avoid honey-cured or any othr kind that may contain a lot of sugar. Carbs: 0 – 1 g per 2 oz serving
  7. Dark chocolate – Not more than 1-2 squares a day though. Just make sure your chocolate has the highest cacao percentage and the lowest amount of carbs.Carbs: 3 – 10 g net per oz.
  8. Pork Rinds (Pork Skin) – these crunchy snacks have high fat but no carbs. Buy them in ready-to-eat-bags or microwave packs. Carbs: 0 g

Are you ready for great Low Carb Snacks on the Go? Below are 12 recipes that you can prepare. And don’t forget to pin them on your chosen Pinterest board. 

1. Maple Almond Fudge Fat Bomb 

To begin with, Fat Bombs are combinations of ingredients that contain a high amount of healthy fats with very low carb to help you stay in ketosis.

Maple Almond Fudge Fat Bomb is tasty, almost like a peanut butter cup, and with almost zero carbohydrates but still, perfect if you are craving sweets.

Recipe by: Buns in my Oven

Maple almond fudge fat bomb ad white chocolate butter pecan fat bomb

2. White Chocolate Butter Pecan Fat Bombs – it’s a 2 flavor in 1 fat bomb that tastes out of this world. Enjoy 1 or 2 of this with a cup of tea.

Recipe by: Tasteaholics

3. Keto Steak Tacos on Pork Rind Tortillas  – Extremely low carb and with only a few ingredients makes this delicious snack easy to prepare.

Recipe by: Hey Keto Mama

Keto steak tacos on pork rind tortillas and cheese crackers

4. Low Carb Cheese Crackers Recipe (Keto Friendly) – You will enjoy this crunchy cheese cracker and it can be prepared for only 20-25 minutes.

Recipe by: I Save A to Z

5. Keto Cheese Meatballs – it is cheesy little balls that are so delicious and easier to make with just a cube of cheese wrapped in mince.

Full recipe at Fat for Weight Loss

Keto cheese meat ballsand easy buffalo chicken dip

5. Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip – It’s a guilt-free with absurd amount of cheese almost like a fat bomb in dip form. 

Recipe by:   Keto Connect 

4. Low Carb Zucchini Fritters – Easy DIY Keto Snacks – – a snack but can also be for breakfast or lunch, this zucchini fritters can be baked or fried, and already delicious on their own, or with sour cream or with yogurt.

Recipe by: Low Carb Maven

Low carb zucchini fritters and easy baked jalapenocheese crisp

  1. Easy Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crisp (Gluten-Free Low Carb) – These healthier baked crisps are simple to make with minimal ingredients, and furthermore, you can made it mid or super spicy.

Recipe by: cotter crunch

9. Bacon and Egg Fat Bomb

Indeed, these savory fat bombs are simply better, as they are more sating and don’t seem to trigger cravings.


Recipe by Mom’s Health

Keto bacon and egg fat bombs and steak bites

10. Steak Bites – Low Carb Snack for Weight Loss

The simple marinade ingredients for these incredible Steak Bites turn plain steak into something really delicious and full of flavor!

Full recipe at  Life in the Loft House

11. Low Carb Pin Wheels with Bacon and Cream Cheese

It’s a quick and easy recipe that you can even customize yourself. Moreover, you can use another type of lunch meat instead of bacon.

Recipe by 730 Sage Street

Low carb pinwheels with bacon and cream cheese and keto paleo scoth egg

12. Keto Paleo Scotch Egg 

Truly these are perfect for a complete meal served with salad and homemade mayonnaise, and perfect for a picnic and especially brilliant for a high protein snack.

Check recipes at  Ditch the Carbs

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