10 Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes

You are watching your weight but loves pancakes. Worry no more. There are 10 great recipes here that Weight Watchers recommended and with smart points. Healthy, tasty, and easy to make, and I’m sure you are going to add them to your favorites list. Check all of them below.


Feel the consistency of oatmeal and sweetness of the raisins in Oatmeal Raisins Pancake. While the Zero Point Banana Pancakes is great for its light and fluffiness. You may add blueberries, sliced bananas, chopped nuts, thinly sliced apples and lightly sprinkled with stevia mixed with cinnamon!

Oatmeal raisin and zero point banana pancake

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Oatmeal Raisin Pancake  and Zero Point Banana Pancake

Weight watchers pancake recipes
Oatmeal pancakes with honey and raisins on a wooden table

Start with your day with these two very healthy pancakes! The Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pancake is lighter than usual. And do you know that blueberries are nicknamed “Fountain of Youth” because of the anti-oxidant that slows aging process. And yes, Flourless Banana Pancake. No flour at all which makes it so healthy and gluten free. Added with cinnamon, another phenomenal superfood. Top with berries for a more delicious and superfood-filled.

Blueberry greek yogurt and flourless banana pancake

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Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pancake and Flourless Banana Pancake


Stars are born with these yet another healthy pancakes! The Oat Pancakes is in Weight Watchers Freestyle with its healthy ingredients, high protein and a filling breakfast makes it 3 smart points. While the Biggest-Loser Blueberry pancakes became the Biggest-Loser participants’ favorite pancake. Gives you a healthy, filling breakfast yet with low calories.

Oat pancake weight watchers freestyle and biggest loser blueberry pancakes


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Oat Pancakes Weight Watchers Freestyle  and Biggest-Loser Blueberry Pancakes



This time it’s the Old Fashioned Pancakes that is super easy to make and not-from-the-box mixes. Use organic ingredients and you’ll get a truer, cleaner, tastier version. And what makes the Skinny One-point Pancake special? It has only 1 Weight Watcher smart point each. With no sugar and fat, you can’t go wrong with your weight loss program.


Old fashioned and skinny one point pancakes



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Old Fashioned Pancakes and Skinny One Point Weight Wachers Pancake


This Weight Watchers pancake recipe doesn’t use eggs or milk, so it’s perfect for those with allergies, or if you’re out of milk and eggs and want to make a quick breakfast.

Finally, for all strawberry lovers and for every pancake lovers. Strawberry and banana pancake comes with a healthier version and perfect for those with allergies. Mixed with banana and top it with berries makes a yummy and filling breakfast. And a different way to serve a pancake with this Strawberry Pancake bites. It’s 1 point Weight Watcher smart point pancake poppers you cannot stop eating. Best for breakfast, treat, snack or dessert! 

Strawberry banana and straberry pancake bites



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Strawberry and Banana Pancake and Strawberry Pancake Bites