10 MEDITERRANEAN DIET RECIPES – Healthy Delicious Food for Weight Loss

HEARD ABOUT MEDITERRANEAN DIET but no idea what it is? Firstly, the Mediterranean diet is based on traditional eating habits from the 1960s of people from countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Secondly, it is characterized by a high intake of plant-based foods and olive oil, a moderate intake of fish and poultry, and low intakes of dairy products, red and processed meats, and sweets. And above all, it has been linked to great health benefits.  Indeed, many people find the Mediterranean diet to be an effective strategy to help manage weight and improve health.

Excited to start?  Of course, you don’t have to go further. Just take a look below easy recipes you can start with. And don’t forget to pin them into your Pinterest Board.

1. Chicken Gyros and Tzatziki Sauce

You will definitely fall in love with this Gyro besides that it cooked for only 20 minutes, it is also tasty with feta cheese, creamy sauces, tender chicken in pita bread.

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Chicken gyros and tzutziki sauce and avocado egg salad

2. Avocado Egg Salad

Truly an easy and delicious combo of egg, tomato, sweet corn on a grill, and avocado with lime juice. You can surely have this on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and can be served on crackers or toasts for healthy snacks.

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3. Grilled Chicken + Dill Greek Yogurt Sauce

Grilled chicken prepared Mediterranean style, this recipe will surely appeal to you. Sided with Greek dill yogurt sauce and you ‘ll have one healthy meal.

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Grilled chicken and dill greek yourt and caprese style portobellos

4. Caprese-Style Portobellos

This will definitely put you to a whole new level with fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil baked over large portobello mushrooms. Truly a healthy and tasty main course or as a side dish.

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5. Instant Pot Mediterranean Chicken

Slow cooker, pressure cooker or instant pot, this one-pot wonder is certainly very tasty and healthy despite only 302 calories.

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Instant pot mediterranean chicken and mediterranean egg

6. Mediterranean Eggs

These flavorful Mediterranean Eggs, with a combination of feta cheese, tomatoes, garlic, and onions are so perfect for breakfast but it can be equally good for lunch and dinner.

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7. Mediterranean Zucchini Sticks

It’s another way for the zucchini is to cut them to half, scoop some on the middle, top with tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, pepper, and some herbs, and bake. Indeed so easy, so healthy and so tasty.

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Mediterranean zuchini sticks and cucumber rollups

8. Cucumber Roll-ups

A combination of roasted garlic hummus, ground pepper, roasted red pepper, with crumbled feta rolled in thinly sliced cucumber. Indeed very simple, easy to prepare, and yet very healthy.

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9. Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Spices and Fresh Dill

This anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefitted and nutrition-packed Cauliflower is a gem for any diet. The taste could be boring but once it is roasted, the magic begins. If you prefer dairy-free or vegan, just swap the cream with cashew milk or coconut milk or some plant-based creamer.

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Roasted caulflower soup with spice and fresh dill and tuna salad with dijon mustard v

10. Tuna Salad with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

It’s a mayo-free tuna salad and prepared the Mediterranean way, with lots of crunchy veggies, fresh herbs and loads of Mediterranean flavors. Furthermore, you can prepare it in 15 minutes.

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